How Does LAN Messenger Help to Keep Social Distancing in an Office?

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The global health crisis has affected jobs worldwide and vastly reduced office interactions. Most employees have resorted to working from home to uphold public health.

The Roles of LAN Messenger in Keeping Social Distancing in the Office

Though a viable option in dealing with the new normal, remote working presents its own set of challenges. It has significantly reduced direct contact in the office, putting a strain on communication with scattered fellow employees.

Luckily, there is a growing emergence of messaging applications that enable secure office messaging, helping employees overcome the social distancing barriers while being productive at the same time.

LAN Messenger by Softros is one of the useful apps that is effectively facilitating intra-office communications during these challenging times.

What Is LAN Messenger?

This app is a user-friendly secure network messaging application for corporate LANs (Local Area Networks). It facilitates safe and secure intra-office communications among us.

The application is intuitive and lightweight, making it easy to set up and install, and the software requires no server to run. All we do is install it on all PCs at the office or tablet to enjoy the free android version.

The software comes fitted with useful functionality features to allow PC-PC messaging for quick communication, chat rooms, and broadcast messaging that helps us instantly communicate with specific members or groups about an event in the company. It is also equipped with a drag and drop capability for efficient file and folder transfer among its users.

Messaging in the application is strictly restricted to the local network, eliminating any form of information leakage to unauthorized persons and preventing exposure to hacker attacks, viruses, and worms.

It also helps us protect sensitive data by utilizing a single set of configurations and policies across the network. Even better, we can restrict access to specific sections of the messenger to ward of members from unauthorized groups.

What Are The Benefits Of Using The LAN App To A Business?

One significant benefit of the LAN chat is that it makes communication easy and efficient. Let’s explore other benefits of using this revolutionary messaging application.

Prevents External Threats

Data security remains a top priority for businesses globally. What has remained a challenge for most companies is how to secure communication channels.

The chat feature guarantees security from data leaks as it enables offline connections among staff in a company’s local network. By using this tool, we prevent any unwanted breach of the company’s security.

The network messaging system ensures instant and safe transmission of information in a company. An ideal system would require no internet connection or server. Here is how LAN messenger’s inbuilt features allow smooth interaction while enhancing data security.

  • Strong encryption: After typing a message into the messaging tool, it gets encrypted for any outside entity that wants access to it. Also, its restrictive nature makes it hard for anyone to access the information.
  • Supports a variety of conversations: The chat feature is very effective in facilitating discussions within the platform. We can chat with colleagues or create a group to pass a message to more people or post to the message board.
  • Easy file transfer: The office chats enable easy sharing of files and videos of any size. It is pretty fast, and we can transfer a whole folder as long as the addressee is online.
  • Message History: Another crucial detail in ensuring security in the messaging service is that all the messages are stored locally or in a network share.

Facilitates File Sharing And Mutual Using

Network malfunction is one thing that is intolerable as it hinders how we conduct our business at the office. Change is a viable option when the network at the office is always weak.

The LAN program is an excellent pick to eliminate such instances as it seamlessly facilitates offline, internal communication, and file sharing.

This instant messaging service allows us to come in contact quicker, effortlessly. Its ability, however, lies in file transfer for use within a group of people.

Here is a short guide for sharing files using office messenger.

Step 1. Click on the tool to open it from the taskbar

step 1

Step 2. Start a conversation with the addressee of the files intended for transfer. The addressee must also be online.

step 2

Step 3. Use the drag and drop functionality to put files or folders into the conversation window. Sending starts instantly by default

step 3

Step 4. The downloading process begins immediately on the addressee computer

step 4

The app’s strong encryption makes it an excellent tool for businesses as it prevents data leaks or theft.

Enables Instant Messaging

The LAN chat enables instant communication between computers in the same Local Area Network (LAN). What differentiates it from other communication tools is that internet connection is not a requirement for communication.

To appreciate the LAN app’s top, it is essential to consider some of the unique features that make it stand out.

  • Prompt chatting: Even during poor network or network overload, communication continues within the messenger.
  • Variety of functions: LAN comes with different features, such as message board, private and group chat, message filtration, file transfer, message logging, graphical smileys, and whiteboards.
  • Data security: It encrypts and secures all communication to avoid being prey to hackers.

Encrypts Offline Chat For Security

Data leaks and hacks are some of the biggest fears of a business. Sensitive company data must be securely stored and protected to avoid such instances. Office messenger is a tool that enterprises may recourse to.

LAN app operates without an active internet connection or server, meaning that stealing or hacking the information exchanged is highly unlikely. The secure tool also delivers:

  • Multifunctionality: No restrictions to characters entered in a chat. We can send files of any size as we wish. Emoticons and various font formats are available to stress points in a text.
  • No internet connection or server required: No worry, as communication among the office members, can continue over LAN, Wi-Fi, or even offline. We also don’t need to have a dedicated messaging server set up.

Why Opt For The LAN App?

By having this offline messaging app in offices, businesses will effectively uphold social distancing as direct interaction will not be necessary.

The LAN app will enhance security to the company’s data by encrypting all communication, allowing seamless transfer and sharing of files, and facilitating instant messaging among the office staff. This modern app is compatible with Windows, Mac OS, and Android.

Download and try it for an unparalleled experience at the workplace.