How Can You Change Your Location With a VPN?

How Can You Change Your Location With a VPN?

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Do you want to change your online location? Are you tired of being spied on or scammed on the Internet? Are you annoyed by the ads that retarget you?

How Can You Change Your Location With a VPN?

A lot of problems can justify the reasons to hide or change your IP address. But how can you change your location easily? Is it complicated? Discover the best way of changing your IP address by using a VPN.

What Is an IP Address?

An IP address or Internet Protocol is your Internet ID. It helps to identify your device on a network to allow it to exchange with the web.

Without an IP address, it would be impossible to exchange between two or more devices connected to a network. When you connect to a local network, it is this identifier that will make you identifiable.

You may already be aware that every website has an IP address. However, you will admit that it is much easier to remember a regular website address rather than which can be the example of an IP corresponding when you connect to a VPN.

Moreover, you should know that the IP is linked to a server. If several sites are hosted on the same server, they can have the same IP address. Similarly, if you use the same router as other members of your family, you will have the same IP address.

What Is a VPN?

A VPN comes in the form of software or an application that you need to download on your electronic devices. Nowadays, there are many VPN providers on the market.

Some are free and not very trustworthy while others are paid and offer excellent guarantees in terms of anonymity and security on the web.

The role of a VPN is very simple. It is responsible for hiding the user’s public IP address and encrypting Internet traffic. To do this, a secure computerized tunnel needs to be installed in the common network.

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Hence, instead of seeing the Internet as a gigantic web, imagine it as a vast network of water pipes. This network extends to every computer, every smartphone, every tablet, every server in the world.

When you use this network, your personal data is mixed with that of all the other Internet users. The problem is that anyone can access it and use your information to monitor you or even hack you.

To avoid this, the VPN will slip a completely hermetic rubber hose inside these pipes. In concrete terms, this is the famous secure computer tunnel.

Thanks to this system, you will still have access to the Internet, but your water will be safe from well-intentioned third parties.

To sum up, this means that it encrypts your data and uses a fake public IP address, the one offered by the VPN, instead of your own IP address.

Why Would Someone Want to Change His Location Online?

Let’s discover some reasons why changing an IP address can be very useful online, especially in 2021. Of course, everyone does not need the IP address change to do dubious activities on the web.

Some people simply want to take their privacy back in hand, and for this purpose, the VPN will be a great ally.

You can change your IP address for the following reasons:

  • To surf anonymously
  • To unblock geo-blocked sites
  • To avoid hacking
  • To download without risk
  • To avoid retargeting and hide your IP

How to Change Your IP Address With a VPN?

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Start by choosing a VPN provider. For example, how to change your location with Surfshark VPN? First, it is compulsory to install the VPN software on your computer, tablet, or smartphone.

Most providers offer the possibility to cover multiple devices with a single subscription. So, you must take advantage of this kind of offer!

Then, connect to the VPN server. After opening your app, press the connect button. For example, you can also choose the server of your choice in a specific country. Once you are connected, you can go online safely.

This may take a few seconds or even minutes, depending on your location, but you will end up connecting successfully. Your IP address will be successfully masked!

Conclusion: How to Change an IP Address With a VPN?

Changing your IP address with a VPN is easy! There is no need to be a computer expert or to know how to code to use a VPN. Now that you know how to change your IP address with a VPN, you can surf safely. Using a VPN IS quick and easy and ensures your security as well as your privacy on the Internet!

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