6 Incredible Things You Can Do With “Preview” Tool on Your Mac

6 Incredible Things You Can Do With “Preview” Tool on Your Mac

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Preview is much more than the Mac PDF image and document viewer. It also lets you edit files and perform other functions. Today we will tell you all the 6 incredible things you can do with the Preview tool on your MacBook.

List of 6 Incredible Things You Can Do With “Preview” Tool on Your Mac


Preview Tool Tips and Tricks on Your Mac

Let us see all the tips and tricks of Preview tool here. Continue reading the article to explore more things about this program.

1. Make basic adjustments

Let us start with the basic settings. Preview allows you to rotate the photos in a single click. To do this, open the image with the program, look for the icon with a square and an arrow located in the upper right and the image will rotate to the left with each touch.

Next, click on the box icon next to the previous one to display the toolbar. Then, to adjust the dimensions of the image press the icon with a square shape with two arrows and enter the desired measurements in the text field. If you prefer, with the Adjust to drop-down you have predetermined measures to apply with a click. 

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By default, the proportion and sampling are blocked, although you can unlock them by unchecking the corresponding box. When you are done, click on the OK button to apply the changes.


2. Remove the background from a photo

One of the most useful and quick to use preview editing tools is the magic wand, which allows you to remove the background of a photo in the blink of an eye.

To do this, select the second icon from the left of the toolbar to activate the magic wand. Then, click on the background you want to delete, keep the button pressed and scroll with the mouse to the right to enlarge the area or to the left to decrease it.

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When the zone you would like to erase is marked, release the button and you will see the rounded bottom with a dashed line. Then,  press the Crop button to remove the background.


3. Add shapes to photos

Another action that Preview allows you to execute on an image is to add shapes. You can enter squares with a circular or square shape, arrows, stars or other designs, and you even have the possibility of adding a magnifying glass to increase a certain area of the image. 

To begin, click on the arrow on the icon that contains a square and a circle to see the shapes you can choose. You have eight designs at your disposal and all you have to do is click on the one you like the most. Then, click on the area of the image to add the shape, pinch it to adjust the size and drag it to move it to where you want. 

Then, to choose the colour click on the arrow of the icon with a box shape and choose the tone you prefer in the colour selector. If you want to include padding, go to the adjacent square and select the colour you want.


4. Include strokes and text in the photos

If you would like to add strokes or texts to the image, with Preview you have it easy. To enter a freehand drawing, click on the pencil icon, choose the type of stroke on the icon with three lines and select the color you want through the color selector. Then, draw on the freehand photograph by clicking with the mouse cursor.

To enter the text, click on the icon that contains a T and then click on the A icon to choose the type, size and alignment. Next, write the text and drag it to the area where you want to show it.


5. Adjust color and levels

In addition to what we have shown you so far, Preview tool also offers you other more advanced editing options. Among them you have the ability to make adjustments of color, levels, exposure, light, shadows and others. 

To show this adjustment advantage, click on the eighth icon in the toolbar and then use the sliders to make the modifications you want. You can adjust the exposure, the contrast, the light points, the shadows, the saturation, the temperature, the tone and the sharpness.


6. Sign documents

Another interesting feature that makes available to your Preview tool is the signing of PDF documents . To create your signature, press the seventh icon in the toolbar and choose one of the systems you prefer: trackpad or camera.

In the first option you can use the trackpad to draw your signature by drawing with your finger. If you find it difficult, press the tab House, signature on a blank paper and capture it with the camera Mac. Then, save it and use it whenever you need it.
These are the six incredible things we can perform with the Preview tool on our MacBook. Awesome isn’t it? Without any other softwares, we can edit pictures with inbuilt Preview like a PRO. I hope this article helps you to edit your pictures in an easier way than before.
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Which feature do you like the most in this Preview tool?