5 Tips for Effective Media Planning in Advertising

5 Tips for Effective Media Planning in Advertising

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Media planning is the process used by marketers to identify the most effective medium to place their paid ads. When determining the suitable medium to place an ad, a media planner must first understand their audience, know the most effective way of reaching them, and then use the insight to influence their choice of medium.

Getting media planning right can make the difference between a campaign’s success and failure. While some businesses choose to do their media planning in-house, others outsource the service from advertising agencies.

Whatever option works for you, getting things right is critical.

Five Tips for Effective Media Planning

1. Incorporate Technology

When running multifaceted campaigns involving online marketing and traditional forms of marketing live TV, newspaper, and billboards, it’s easy to get overwhelmed with reviewing the effectiveness of your campaign efforts.

Under such circumstances, you will want to have a media planning tool to help you optimize your campaigns.

If you are new to media planning tools or are looking to incorporate them in your media planning efforts, this post on some of the leading media planning tools in the market can be an excellent place to start.

2. Determine Your Objective

When starting a campaign, it is essential to consider the objective you seek to realize. Having a goal helps determine how best to reach the goal and keep track of whether your campaigns are effective at attaining them.

To determine a reasonable objective, you may need to keep a few things in mind, such as the nature of your business and its priorities. Different campaigns serve different purposes.

For example, the aim of a campaign might be to create awareness, change a brand’s perception or drive sales. Narrowing down on the goal of your campaign will help tailor it to get the most out of it.

3. Understand Your Audience

Understanding your audience is an essential factor in media planning. It entails knowing who they are, what they seek from your product or service, and how they want it.

For instance, you may need to know what programs they are likely to watch and at what time, the websites they are likely to visit, or their preferred social media platforms.

Having an insight into your audience can help you tailor your communication to best suit them and identify the most effective medium.

4. Understand Your Competition

Understanding your competition is critical in all aspects of running a business. If your competition is doing better than you, you may want to borrow some elements of their media planning strategies.

However, you don’t want to copy everything because the idea is to stand out, not look exactly like the competition.

Therefore, you may want to consider some things they may not be doing right and improve them to get a competitive edge. For example, you may want to consider the type of content they put out there and how they do it, then develop a strategy of building on it.

5. Choose Your Voice Carefully

The voice in marketing refers to the tone employed by a marketer to convey their message. In text-based content, the tone is determined by word choice, sentence length, and the length of a piece of content. In visual content, the voice may be determined by shapes and choice of colors.

Different audiences respond to different tones of messaging. It’s important to understand what tone appeals to what audience and tailor your messaging accordingly.

However, keep in mind that today’s consumer has access to a lot of information and will only respond to authentic messaging. Therefore, whatever you do to improve the tone of communication, ensure authenticity.


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