6 Tips You Need to Know When You Buy a Vivo Mobile Phone

6 Tips You Need to Know When You Buy a Vivo Mobile Phone

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One of the lesser-known brands selling mobile phones in the West, Vivo is quite popular in the East. With an affirmed legacy of affordable smartphones and a few smart innovations, the company could be one to write home about in the future.

Several Chinese phone brands offer high-specification phones, as you see in a Vivo smartphone, for example, at low prices. Vivo has been in India for a while now and gives stiff competition to its Chinese counterparts. With sister brands, Real Me, OnePlus, and OPPO, Vivo is part of the technology giant, BBK Electronics.

A Range of Phones

It is important to note that Vivo sells a line of flagship phones, the X range of mobiles, and these feature top-tier specs but come in mid-range price points. Several in this line have innovations in their camera arrays like a physical gimbal sensor in the primary camera for enhanced optical image stabilization, for instance.

Additionally, Vivo has a series of devices, the Y-series, such as the Vivo Y51 and the Y20s catering to the budget segment. With Vivo, higher numbers correspond to better specifications, but if you view overall price ranges, Vivo phones are more affordable than other branded phones.

Mainly, Vivo sells its X and Y Series in Europe, and notably, the iQOO line, a line dedicated to the gaming community. You get these phones in Asia too, but more famous here are the V and S Series. These sit, according to price and performance, somewhere between the X and Y Series.

Nonetheless, if you want a good overall latest phone, then you should consider buying Vivo V21 mobile, which is a best-seller. Moreover, this phone offers superb graphics and is ideal for the gamer who wants an immersive adventure.

6 Valuable Tips When Buying a Vivo Phone

If you want your Vivo phone to be used to its full potential, here are 6 tips that will compel a purchase that matches your requirements:

Know the Models/Prices 

Like many other Chinese smartphone makers, Vivo makes an extensive range of phones. These are manufactured to suit every pocket, and thereby, every feature and specification criteria. Its X60 model may not match your budget, as this is a flagship device, but a Vivo V21 may be closer to what you are willing to pay.

Know the Features and Specifications 

Once you know your price point, you can check models by this benchmark. In any Vivo phone, you set your sights on, you should know that you will always get a proficient camera array and a lot of internal storage. Most Vivo handsets come with 128GB of internal storage. Several affordable models also come with decent RAM, so your multitasking activities are conducted with seamless precision.

Know Your Requirements 

What do you use your smartphone for? While buying a Vivo smartphone, you should be aware of whether you will use it for regular use or a more specific purpose like gaming. Then again, if it’s a camera-centric phone you are looking for, any of the budget models take superb images and you won’t be disappointed.

5G Connectivity 

Again, you may want a 5G enabled phone but may not want to dish out a premium. These days, everyone seems to want a new phone that facilitates 5G networks, although India is a while away from using them. If you are hung up on 5G, you may get a Vivo phone at a slightly higher price, but you should buy it as it will still be more affordable than a model from another brand.

Check for Software Update Potential 

Vivo phones operate on an Android OS, and in case you opt for an affordable model, be sure to check whether there is room for future updates.

Browse Brands 

When you are purchasing a vivo smartphone, there’s no harm in comparing similar models from other brands. This way, you’re more convinced that you are making the right decision.

Vivo – A Good Bet

In terms of affordability packed with reliability, Vivo is your best bet for a smartphone. You can choose from a wide range of options on the lowest EMI at the Bajaj Finserv EMI Store, where you can avail of exciting discounts and deals. Purchases become all the more affordable if you opt to pay on No Cost EMI using your Bajaj Finserv EMI Network Card.


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