Top 6 Veteran Nonprofit Organizations Making A Big Impact

Top 6 Veteran Nonprofit Organizations Making A Big Impact

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501c9 is a tax exemption status that applies to ‘voluntary employees’ beneficiary associations.

Top 6 Veteran Nonprofit Organizations Making A Big Impact

These associations are organized to pay life, sick, accident, and other necessary benefits to their members. Veteran nonprofit organizations usually come under this category.

Currently, in the United States, there are many veteran nonprofit organizations that aim at providing financial, educational, mental support, and other services to active and retired veterans and their families. Given below are some of the veteran nonprofit organizations that are making a big impact.

1. Green Beret Foundation

The main mission of the Green Beret Foundation is to support, care and provide for special forces soldiers and their families. The foundation aims at honoring Green Berets and providing them with the resources they need for their mission and well-being.

Some of their programs are given below,

  • Casualty support – If a Green Beret is injured in the line of duty, he is provided with $2500 and essential gear for a temporary hospital stay which is donated by the GORUCK team.
  • Extended support – This includes provisions for the health and wellbeing of the veteran and his family.
  • Transitional support – This service is aimed at helping a Green Beret successfully transition out of the military. Mentors, programs, and advocates join hands in helping the Green Beret during this critical time period.

2. Special Operations Warrior Foundation

The Special Operations Warrior Foundation aims at providing college scholarships and educational counseling to children of special operation personnel who have been killed in the line of duty. They also provide family outreach services and support for the wounded.

Its headquarters is located in Tampa, Florida. Some of their programs are,

  • SOWF Educational Program – This program is meant to provide preschool funding, private tutoring, college scholarships, and other educational services for surviving children of fallen military personnel.
  • Family Outreach – Family outreach programs include academic counseling and provisions for special family events or celebrations.
  • Wounded SOF Support – Wounded service members are provided with funds for medications, hospital stays, and other expenses of the member’s family.

3. Freedom Service Dogs

Freedom Service Dogs focus on the mission of rescuing dogs and training them to help disabled people. This organization serves children, veterans, and other military personnel.

Dogs are professionally trained to assist people with disabilities like autism, traumatic brain injury, muscular dystrophy, Down’s Syndrome, cerebral palsy, and veterans with post-traumatic stress.

This organization also provides lifetime support to client dog teams along with any other additional assistance they might require. All the service dogs are legally allowed to accompany their disabled partners in public places.

4. Operation Second Chance

Operation Second Chance aims at providing support to wounded service members who have experienced injury or illness. Their families are supported in expenses like rent, mortgage, and other necessary expenses. Post-traumatic stress counseling and transitional support are also provided for veterans.

Some other services include,

  • Disabled veteran Outreach Programs
  • Resources for surviving spouses
  • Resources for vets and families living with cancer
  • Mental health services for veterans and families
  • Services for veterans interested in starting their own businesses

5. Force Blue

The mission of Force Blue is ‘to create a model of caring, cooperation and positive change with the power to restore lives and restore the planet’. This nonprofit organization aims at special operation veterans to assist in marine and coral reef conservation. Force Blue has partnered with similar organizations like Coral Restoration Foundation, National Marine Sanctuary, and Florida Department of Environmental Protection to work on marine conservation.

All donations are utilized for the training of special operations veterans. They will pay for the veteran’s airfare, accommodation, meals, training certifications, and diving equipment.

6. Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society

The Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society aims at providing financial, educational, and other assistance to the members of the naval services of the United States. Services are also provided to their family members. Financial assistance is provided through interest-free loans and grants.

They cover medical bills, food, rent, utilities, mortgage, security deposits, automobile repairs, and funeral expenses. The Educational Assistance Program offers interest-free loans and grants for children of sailors and marines who want to pursue undergraduate or master’s degrees.


Veteran nonprofit organizations are exempt from federal taxes if they receive the 501c9 status. Donations are the primary funding source of these organizations.