Complete Guide of Exchange to Office 365 Migration Process

Complete Guide of Exchange to Office 365 Migration Process

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To optimize business operations, empower employees, and better serve clients, organizations focus on technology-driven productivity solutions to improve information sharing, enhance teamwork, and accelerate decision-making. However, at the same time, IT leaders and executives face escalating pressure to reduce IT costs, upgrade aging infrastructure, and have faster time to market while meeting the need for increased compliance and security demands.

It is becoming challenging to keep email servers updated while strengthening your protection posture to avoid the risk of getting compromised. You deal with day-to-day performance issues, user access problems, resetting usernames and passwords– or worst, database corruptions and potential email spamming or counterfeiting. Exchange 2013 hybrid migration to Office 365 is a significant step toward digital transformation for most organizations. IT Managers and leaders have realized that moving their on-premises mailboxes and email management solutions into a cloud-based platform could help their business immensely.

Reasons to Migrate to Office 365

IT crews can eliminate the complexity and risk of deploying an on-premise email solution to the advanced and robust messaging and collaboration infrastructure of Office 365 for their users at an affordable price. It introduces new innovative productivity and collaboration tools and lets other work practices reimagine productivity for the users.

Office 365 offers updates against the latest threats with built-in protection against data loss. Office 365 is a secure environment with automatic and seamless security measures in place, like MFA to ensure authorized access. Threat detection and anti-malware features identify and stop safety threats to your mailboxes and help you effectively deal with confidential data or information.

Microsoft Office 365 is backed by a Microsoft 99.99 percent financially backed SLA to ensure an uptime guarantee for users to access their emails and messages on Windows 10 Azure Virtual Desktop from anywhere at any time using any device.

You can easily migrate all email, calendar, and contacts from user mailboxes from your on-premise Exchange environment to Office 365.

Office 365 even comes with email archiving for Exchange Online to meet the organization’s compliance, email security, archiving, and eDiscovery requirements. Even with this richness of features, Office 365 is easy enough to set up and work along with cost benefits. These and many more reasons have heightened the trend of moving from an on-premise Exchange Server to an Office 365 environment.

Despite these enticing business cases, many companies struggle to start or halt the migration because of their organizational complexities, compliance, overall aversion to risk, and security issues. When it comes to migrating on-premise to Office 365, typically requires complete planning and readiness based on your current infrastructure, business requirements, number of mailboxes, and many more.

Migrating from Microsoft Exchange to Office 365 with the help of a Third-Party Provider

Third-party Service providers give an easy-to-use experience while providing more control of your migration with features like license assignment and scheduling migration. It delivers high-quality & consistent service with a defined SLA with this migration automation platform. The provider takes care of the complete migration process from connecting to the exchange server to running all the assessment scripts to the actual migration with minimum human intervention.


Apps4Rent’s Office 365 Migration Services provide a hassle-free transition from an on-premises exchange server to Office 365. Relying on almost two decades of experience in IT solutions, we have developed an automated platform that provides a seamless Office 365 migration experience to the customer. Apart from that they even provide top-level Virtual Desktop Hosting Services with 100% assistance and day-and-night tech support.