OLX.in, 8+ years of journey in online classifieds

OLX.in, 8+ years of journey in online classifieds

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OLX.in, 8+ years of journey in online classifieds

OLX.in (India), a free online classified site which is one of the world’s biggest online classifieds now, “OLX” is delivering their services in more than 105 countries in 40+ languages where as “OLX India” is now across 600+ cities in India , “OLX India” has successfully completed its 8 years of journey in the internet marketing, since from its beginning in march 2006, “OLX India” is  delivering it’s best for the users’, and around the world, OLX has  more than 100’s of employees who are working for site maintenance, customer care etc, and providing high quality services since it started their services.

OLX.in growth in 8+ years:

Since from its beginning, “OLX India” made a great change in the Indian internet marketing, OLX introduced a new concept from its site saying “where buyers meet sellers” which was a very big hit in the market, this made many users to post their products in the OLX.in site by using their free ads services, starting from small page views and small revenue “OLX India” has reached to some millions of page views.
In May 2011, OLX.in has experienced 10 million page views overall, where as in November 2012, it reached to 900% of its previous page views of May 2011, that is a growth of 92 million page views, which seems to be aggressive increase in the users, buyers and sellers, making OLX.in to be one of the world’s biggest online classified site!

Response from social media to OLX.in:

Facebook is one of the biggest sources for any site to drive traffic to their sites, OLX has around 3.1 millions+ fans for its official facebook fan page and daily some lakhs of people asking questions, posting interesting content in the official facebook fan page of OLX, OLX achieved 1 million fans in July 2012, and just one year it reached to 3+ millions (really a productive increase for its quality services)
Twitter is also good source for users to aware about new services and OLX.in got good followers in twitter too; their facebook account is completely integrated to their twitter account in order to reach more users
Youtube is also a bigger source of traffic for OLX.in as official OLX channel has got more than 3.5K subscribers with a video views average of 20millions

Response from TV Ad campaign of OLX:

OLX started it’s TV Ad campaign in 2011, the advertisements are very clear, natural, funny and full of humor, most of the ads are based on daily life, like buying a baby cot for baby, buying a new car thinking it is small compared to neighbor, selling a bike to buy a new one, grand pa ad and others are very popular in OLX TV ad campaign.
All ads have one thing in common, they follow same motto, just sell it when you don’t need it! (chal bechtey olx pe) and these ads got good response from viewers and in youtube these ad videos crossed 20 million views (In their official channel).
Still OLX team planning to launch their new ads with more humor than the earlier, see the new sell phone strategy ad here!
“OLX India” country head Amarjith Batra says that, OLX team pre-assumes that OLX.in is going to hit a mark of 120 million page views this year, and they are expecting 350 million page views at the end of 2015.