Online Services to Help Make Life Easier for Students

Online Services to Help Make Life Easier for Students

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Developments in technology and new tools, and online services have changed the lives of students for the better. They have many ways to become more informed, manage their time better, organize their learning, and much more. There are so many online services available that it can be confusing to choose the right ones. Here are some suggestions of beneficial online services that can make life easier for them, including those that offer thesis writing help for students tackling complex research projects.

1. Evernote – the best note-taking app

Evernote is an app that allows students to take notes and organize tasks. They no longer have to deal with piles of paper or isolated notes. Using Evernote means they can work from anywhere and keep important information handy.

The notes sync automatically to all devices. They can make their notes more useful by adding images, text, audio, and PDFs. Notes, tasks and schedules all synchronize to get things done more easily. Powerful search capabilities enable them to find what they need when they need it. Students can even assign tasks within notes with due dates and reminders, so nothing falls through the cracks.

 2. Online service EduBirdie – efficient essay service

EduBirdie online service can help students to complete a research paper, an essay, or any other task. Professional writers from the online service EduBirdie specialize in different topics and offer online help with the most difficult dissertations and term papers. These writers have a background in education and the know-how to present information in the most compelling way so students can get better grades. They can also learn from good examples of academic writing how to improve their own writing.

3. Coursera – top online learning platform

Coursera is one of the top online learning platforms. It works with various organizations, including universities, to offer online courses in a variety of subjects. Students can gain access to a wide variety of learning opportunities – from free courses and hands-on projects to certificates and degree programs.

They can learn from anywhere in the world from experts at more than 250 leading universities. Coursera offers high-quality educational tools such as on-demand video lectures and community discussion forums. It reduces the barriers to a world-class education for everyone.

4. Rescue Time – time management app

Rescue Time is a productivity app that analyzes everything a student does online. If students want to know how to save time, they have to know where they’re wasting it. The app runs in the background when a student is online and tracks activity.

Students can then rate their activities from very distracting to very productive. They can set goals and track their progress. The app automatically tracks their time and lets them know when they reach their goals. A free version is available for tracking time spent on websites and in applications, and a premium version has a feature to block distracting websites.

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5. Projeqt – the multimedia presentation tool

Projeqt is a simple tool that’s free and easy to use. It allows students to create multimedia presentations. They can make dynamic slides and embed links, online quizzes, videos, interactive maps and more.

This helps students to express their knowledge and skills. The multi-dimensional tool allows them to prevent presentations from being too static. They can create a social and interactive experience and even use social media in a presentation. Presentations are visually adapted to different devices.

6. EduClipper – collect and share information

The eduClipper platform allows educators and students to share educational material. It is possible for students to collect information they find on the internet and share it with members of groups they create. This helps them to improve their research techniques and manage academic content more effectively. They also have a digital record of what they achieved in a course.

7. ColdTurkey – productivity

Willpower alone is often not enough to prevent students from procrastination and mindless web surfing. ColdTurkey is a free productivity tool that allows students to block websites, apps, games etc. Users can whitelist some sites or set time limits for browsing.

This means a study break doesn’t turn into watching YouTube for hours. The app can block certain sites on all supported browsers, so it is impossible to cheat. Users can select pre-listed sites to block or create their own.


Students studying at university face a number of challenges. They are often overwhelmed by the amount of work they need to complete and the lack of time to do it all. Using technology, tools, and online services helps to make their lives easier. They can manage their time, organize their schedules, take effective notes, and collect and share information.

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