Proforma Invoice Template: Who May Need It And For What

proforma template
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Settlements take an important place in any entrepreneurial activity. The business sector is directly connected with the purchase of various goods and the timely payment for them. However, it is not always possible to immediately prepare a complete commercial invoice for the customer which can be used for further payment.

Moreover, there are a number of situations in which it is much more convenient to prepare a so-called “preliminary” invoice. For this purpose, you can use the ready-made Proforma invoice template.

What Is The Difference Between A “preliminary” Invoice And A Commercial Invoice

A Proforma invoice is very often issued before a commercial invoice. Despite the fact that it can not be used to make settlements, it is difficult to underestimate the importance of this document.

For example, it is perfectly suited in order to orient the customer about the order of prices in a situation where there is no prepared information about the goods.

It often seems to entrepreneurs that it is very difficult to prepare such a document. Such a point of view is mistaken. The easiest option is to use a ready-made sample. On the basis of the previously prepared template, it will not be difficult to do so. As a rule, the proforma invoice includes information of such a nature as:

  • information concerning the seller and the buyers;
  • requisites for the transaction;
  • method of payment and payment terms;
  • information relating to the goods;
  • details about the date of drawing up;
  • the serial number of the document.

If necessary, this list can be expanded. A great advantage for both parties, who are participants in the transaction, is the fact that they can use this document to clarify any issues.

This will help to avoid problems that may arise in the future when issuing a commercial invoice and making payment. All questions can be asked as soon as both parties have familiarized themselves with the proforma invoice.

PandaDoc: A Convenient, Modern Service For Working With Documents

These days, the easiest way to prepare and draw up an invoice form is in electronic form. In this case, as a rule, there are no difficulties. At the same time, the digital format is much more convenient for both parties involved, because there is no need to personally send an invoice by mail or take it to the client, to put a “wet” signature.

For this task, as well as for any other issues associated with electronic document management, special services are most often used. An excellent choice would be PandaDoc. It allows you to fully automate all processes associated with the preparation and execution of documentation.

Many users note that the most convenient option of this program is the availability of an electronic signature. It meets all international standards and is securely protected by the latest types of cryptographic encryption keys.

Thanks to this, you do not have to worry about someone deciding to get your signature and try to forge it. All information in the program is protected from unauthorized access.

It is possible to create an electronic signature when you first sign up for the program. It takes only a few minutes. At the same time, it will be quoted in all countries, so it can be used to sign international contracts. A significant advantage is that anyone can try to sign documents electronically.

It is possible to do this completely free of charge in the trial version of the application. There is an opportunity to sign more than a dozen documents, which will allow you to appreciate all the features and strengths of the option fully.