This is the Reason Why People Switch Between iOS and Android

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A study shows what users are the main reasons for switching from Android to iOS and vice versa. Have you ever switched over?


If you want to switch from Android to iPhone, you can have many reasons for that. The PCMag website decided to investigate and asked 2500 Americans why they changed operating systems. The research only looked at Android and iOS, the two most used operating systems for smartphones.

Approximately 29% of respondents switched operating systems, with the majority (18%) switching from Android to iOS. Cost and better user experience are important factors to switch, but there are other reasons that play a role.

Why do people switch Between Android and iOS

This is why people switch from Android to iOS. From the people who switched from Android to iOS, the better user experience proved to be the most important reason. As many as 47% of the switchers indicated this as the main reason.

That is a lot higher than the other way around because 30% give this as a reason for the switchers from iOS to Android. Better functions such as camera and design are more or less the same in both groups: with switchers from Android to iOS this is 25%, while this is 24% on the other side. Not surprisingly, 29% of the switchers from iOS to Android indicate that the price is the main reason. The other way around, this only applies to 11%.


But there are other factors that play a role, including the available apps and better customer service. Both reasons score higher among switchers from iOS to Android than vice versa. For 6% of these changes, a wider range of apps is an important reason, while the better customer service is stuck at 5%. For people who exchange Android for iOS, this is 4% and 3% respectively. A last important reason to switch operating system is faster software updates. It is no surprise that this is a much more important reason for people who exchange Android for iOS (4%) than the other way around (1%).

The survey also asked respondents how often they replaced their phone for a new one. More than half (53%) indicated that they should only do this when the telephone fails. Most people do not take into account the arrival of, for example, a new iPhone. 56% of respondents do not care whether a new model is coming. Another important reason for getting a new device in-house is a contract that expires (34%).

Have you recently switched from Android to iOS or are you planning to buy an Android phone or iPhone? What are the most important reasons for you? Let us know them in the below comments section.