How to Register your Business in Google Business

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With this tool, you can drive more customers into our business, have more conversions and it is a very useful tool for your company to reach diffusion, reach more customers and have a more prominent presence in the network. I am talking about Google Business. Yes, you heard me right. Google business is a tool which does all the above things. Now, let us see how to register your business in Google business in order to get more leads.
Google My Business is a very useful function made in Google that allows stakeholders to manage, through a control panel, the profile of a company in Google Maps and Google Plus in Local.

Thus, this product of the search engine is able to simultaneously offer visibility in the search engine, in Google Maps and in the Google Plus social network for all devices.

Steps to Register your Business in Google My Business

Here we will show you a step by step procedure of what you should do to register your business in Google My Business:

Sign in to Google account or create a new account

You must have your own account on Google, access Google Business and select the option Appear in Google to register your profile.


Choose category for your company

The search engine gives you three options to determine the type of business, between “Showcase”, “Service Area” and “Brand”. Therefore, you must select the format that best suits your activity. The first mentioned category is ideal for restaurants, hotels, cafes or shops, the second for takeaway, taxis and services related to logistics and the third for products, music, social causes or creative projects.

It is important to note that when choosing a category, the place where you perform your service is important. The Showcase option is the most suitable if your business is located in a physical location, while if you are the one who travels to provide the client what you want Service Area is the most appropriate.

The Brand option is intended for promotion, connecting to an account on Google Plus and not related to any physical location on Google Maps.

Search your business on Google Maps

The next step to “create a profile on Google My Business” is to find your business in Maps.

If none of the results matches the local location of your business, fill in the data so that it appears exactly. If the card already exists something very usual, reclaim it.

This happens when your business is registered without your explicit consent, which happens because the search engine publishes business through data extracted from other sources such as aggregators, directories or Yellow Pages. A problem may arise when claiming or when they present inaccurate or outdated information.

There are two options: you can create a new account in Google Maps, for which you will ask for your company telephone and then modify your data, although it may take around a week to appear correctly. On the other hand, if your business has been validated or generated by another owner, you can ask him to give up the management of the file or request the access data.

If you create your card even if there is another, do not forget to inform the search engine of the presence of two duplicates so that it eliminates the previous one.

Fill your data accurately

If your business serves customers in their locations, you should appear on Google as a company with a service area, so you can provide a postal code, the cities where you work or a specific area near your location.

You can select the option “I also attend the clients in the address of my company” if you want your full address to appear on Google and if there is staff that can serve customers during the hours marked.

Check your business

There are two ways to do this: by mail or by telephone. For both, you will receive a PIN after which your card will be automatically entered. For the postal verification, Google will send you an email with a code to the address of the company that you have provided.

It is faster on the phone, although it is not available to all companies or businesses.

Finally, if you have already verified the company’s website using Google Webmaster Tools, you can access instant verification. And if your company has more than a dozen locations, request a bulk verification in the Google My Business Locations section.

However, if your company has an account in Google Plus in advance with all the updated information, the presence in Google My Business will be automatic. When you have verified your business data, the updates you make-description, photos or business hours-Google Maps will be displayed.

Remember to enter your sales schedule to the public or visitors this is the time to put it, because when someone searches your business online through your smartphone, Google tells you whether the business is open or not. Link your corporate website and if you do not have it, it may be time to do it.

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Tools offered by Google My Business

These are all the tools that Google My Business offers:

  • Photo of a profile, title and description:  With the objective that you exhaustively complete the information about your business. Watch the presentation text to be attractive, fresh and original, trying to contain the main keywords associated with your business.
  • Guide how much you have left to complete your profile: Google will indicate at all times the data that you need to fill out to have the profile 100% completed.
  • Connection with Google Adwords: If you want to carry out advertising campaigns to promote your local business in your area of activity.
  • Google+ section: You will have the option to post photos, videos and status updates directly on the Google social network from the control panel.
  • Insights: When your business is verified you can access profile statistics and monitor visibility, engagement and audience type
  • Reviews: Through this tab, you can manage the reviews received by your users.
  • Hangouts: It is one of the best video call tools to make conferences with your users and potential clients.

Your images on Google My Business

First, you can upload your profile photo to Google My Business through the “Add profile photo” function or by clicking the blue circle in the upper left of the page. This will be the one that appears prominently with the name of your company in Google +. On the other hand, you have the section called Logo, in which you can upload your business identification.

You can also recommend the photo you want consumers to see in search engines and Google Maps, as well as add specific images of your business to highlight sections or specific sections of the company.

It is better if the photos have JPG, PNG, TIFF, BMP, a size between 10 KB and 5 MB, and a minimum resolution of 250 pixels on the longest side for the logo and profile photo and 720 for the rest photographs.

Try to include both indoor and outdoor photos if they are relevant, capture the atmosphere of your local and the essence of your products, portray all your special services and highlight your personality. You can also include a virtual tour with photographs of your business, for which it is recommended that they be professional.

Advantages for your business as per SEO

Registering your business in the Google My Business tool has great advantages around your web positioning:

  1. Your complete file will appear in the Google search engine: Your business will have an online presence with photos, indications in Google Maps, commercial information, reviews and ratings. The content you generate and the user reviews will improve your ranking in the search engines.
  2. Simultaneous registration in Google Places and Google Plus: Thanks to Google My Business, the registration process is much faster and you will appear on both platforms automatically. 
  3. Your multimedia content will always be available: The uploaded images and videos will be available to your customers in both Google Maps and on your company page in Google Plus
  4. Relevance for mobile devices: Your local business information will always be available to the audience since the My Business tab is optimized for all mobile device formats. 
  5. The analytics service will help you improve your positioning, visualizing data about the number of visits, clicks on posts and the upload of followers.
  6. Integration with other Google products: Google has a wonderful synchronization between the tools it integrates, which has positive effects on SEO.

This is how you can register your business on Google with the help of Google My Business tool. I hope this article will help you to register your business faster and simple on Google. If you have any queries while following the above steps, let us know in the below comment section and we will get back to you as soon as possible to solve all your queries.
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