6 Simple Rules To Achieve The Perfect Office Look

6 Simple Rules To Achieve The Perfect Office Look

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It can be difficult to get the perfect office look. You need to find a balance between your normal style and one that tells people you’re serious about your job. Naturally, if you have a uniform choosing what to wear is easy, you don’t have a choice.

However, very few jobs insist on specific hairstyles, allowing you some freedom to express yourself. That’s why everyone needs these 6 simple rules:

1. Dress To Impress

Going to work in your finest ball gown is not going to impress anyone. But, if you want to succeed in your role, you need to show everyone what you’re aiming for. That means, don’t dress like the other workers at your level. Instead, if you’re in at the ground level then look at what your boss is wearing.

Reflect on their style and try to improve on it. This tells everyone where you’re heading and it has been shown to help you get there faster.

2. Use The Right Styling Products

Embrace your own look. Too many people spend hours every day trying to conform to what they think they should look like. You have your own hair, face shape, and style. Embrace it, while remembering rule one.

That means, if you have curls you’ll want to check out the clever curl collection, or people who love straight hair will want to check out these straighteners.

In short, don’t be afraid to be who you are.

3. Swap Regularly

It is best to avoid getting typecast. It doesn’t matter what the outfit is, if you’re known as the woman that always wears a pencil skirt then people will start to formulate opinions about you, even if they are not true.

To avoid this, show everyone you’re serious, and keep a little mystique, change your outfit and your style often. It works!

4. Custom-Fit

Okay, not everyone can afford to have clothing made to fit their exact body shape. But, you don’t need to. However, you do need to choose clothing that complements your figure and fits well.

It’s not about looking more feminine or masculine, t’s about looking good. You can’t pull this look off in baggy, ill-fitting clothes.

In short, quality is better than quantity when dressing for success.

5. Avoid Colouring Your hair

You can use hair colors to change the color of your hair between the usual shades, blonde, brunette, redhead, etc. But, you shouldn’t be aiming to add streaks to your hair. These will make you stand out for the wrong reasons, as will using heavily scented products. It doesn’t matter if they smell good or bad, they will make you stand out for the wrong reasons.

6. Keep Work & Casual Separate

The clothes you wear outside of the workplace should never be worn in the workplace, and vice versa. It helps you to keep the two environments separate and ensures that anyone who sees you out of work will be impressed. That’s a good thing.