Top 10 SAAS Trends for 2024 That Will Disrupt the Industry

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Cloud technology has been growing by leaps and bounds in recent years. In 2020, many companies incorporated cloud tools into their infrastructure, reducing the cost of maintaining system operation and achieving the high resilience of their applications.

Top 10 SAAS Trends for 2024 That Will Disrupt the Industry

The beginning of 2021 showed that interest in cloud technology continues to grow, which means it will inevitably lead to an increase in the global market for such solutions.

Software as a Service (SaaS) has been around since the 1960s. SaaS, also called cloud computing, is a business model in which customers pay to use software hosted remotely.

In this article, we’ll consider the top SaaS trends in 2021 in detail.

Top 10 SaaS Trends

1. Flexible Serverless Computing

This trend is one of the main tendencies of the new decade. The serverless method appeared not so long ago, but it has already gained the utmost attention of experts around the world.

Such technology allows the implementation of infrastructure functions on the necessary basis in the cloud. Experts believe that in 2021, the serverless platform will change corporate preferences and lead to the adoption of this cloud even in governmental processes.

2. Hybrid Cloud

More and more often, IT infrastructure is being built by combining multiple cloud services. A hybrid cloud is a combination of public and private storage, allowing a company to perform various business tasks in both local and remote environments.

By the end of the year, the hybrid market is expected to grow 15-17% and exceed $266 billion.

Just recently, the hybrid cloud model was used by no more than half of cloud providers’ clients. Today, experts estimate that almost 80% of organizations have adopted this solution.

3. SaaS Solutions for Millennials

In 5 years, almost 80% of jobs will be occupied by millennials. That is why we are talking about the trend of “digital natives”. Researchers call this age group like that because of the active use of cloud computing and other technologies.

Cloud resources are expected to be used in almost every aspect of life, from simple ways to solve work tasks to building complex projects.

Researchers expect the cloud to act as a bridge between millennials and the older generation, thereby bringing new levels of productivity to enterprises.

While SaaS UX designers need to create UX that appeals to this generation, a SaaS copywriter should appeal to this audience with informal, personable writing.

4. Music, Movies, and Games in the Cloud

Most recently, Amazon launched its cloud gaming platform, allowing users to instantly access an extensive library. Gamers can use it on a monthly subscription basis.

The same thing is happening in music and movies. Users are increasingly less likely to buy files on physical media and prefer access to content through the cloud.

Last year, such giants as Google, Microsoft, and Nvidia developed similar solutions. Global companies like Sony have been working on similar developments for several years.

5. Working on Virtual Cloud Desktops

2020 showed that most employees are successfully working remotely, so the trend of moving to this mode will continue gaining momentum in the future.

Essentially, the entire work environment can be used on any PC with the help of cloud services. It is assumed that the user will be able to subscribe and work from anywhere in the world.

This approach will help reduce the cost of upgrading equipment and optimize work processes.

The solution is considered to be quite secure, as all devices are centrally controlled, and each element in the network is carefully monitored.

Most likely, by the end of the year, we will notice a significant increase in the popularity of such a solution. It is assumed that in the future, almost all IT firms will move to remote work using virtual desktops.

Moreover, almost 98% of respondents indicate that cloud solutions implementation has helped simplify developers’ work and increase employee efficiency.

Anyway, experts insist that the main result of implementing new solutions will be evident in 1-2 years.

6. Implementation of AI

Artificial intelligence is trending, and it is also relevant for SaaS. A lot of companies are ready to incorporate the technology into their processes in 2021. Moreover, the projected growth of cloud AI in 2024 will be five times higher than in 2020.

Cloud storage and automated analytics capabilities can change the entire world and every industry. That’s why AI is one of the most popular solutions for optimizing cloud platforms.

The artificial intelligence as a service (AIaaS) market is expected to reach $6-7 billion by 2024.

Many SaaS companies have started using AI to improve the user experience, especially with chatbots. About 80% of B2B marketers predict that AI will revolutionize their industry.

The best way to use artificial intelligence in SaaS is to predict customer behavior by analyzing their previous actions in the application/on the website. It can also be used to automate support services, pricing, and other purposes.

AI in SaaS can also improve the security of digital user identification. With this technology, you can detect malfunctions, data breaches, fraud, and even prevent cyberattacks.

7. Focusing on Mobile Devices

This trend probably has the most understandable reasons for existing. According to CNBC, 72.6 % of people living in the entire world will use smartphones to communicate, work, and just surf in 2023.

Many tasks that previously required a computer can now be performed using the phone. Therefore, the use of SaaS platforms must be adapted to the phone very well.

8. Split Strategies Will Improve Conversions

Platform separation is also one of the SaaS trends that will dominate the industry in the coming years.

SaaS companies realize that not all the features on their platforms fit all potential customers. That’s why separation strategies are so useful.

For example, SaaS can be used for improving the customer experience in companies where one would need extra help to get the most of the company’s services. I.e. customer gets a better experience with a print-on-demand company such as Printful by using its design maker to design clothes online for their eCommerce store.

Companies separate their products into smaller ones that solve a specific problem. When companies focus on solving a specific problem, they can optimize user interaction easier.

Marketing messages become more precise and targeted, which increases the chances of conversion. Depending on their needs, potential customers can choose a specific product. It is much more convenient than buying many things they don’t need.

9. Collaborative Tools

A Harvard Business School study predicts that at least 16% of American workers will move from offices to work from home for at least two days a week. This is fueling an ongoing interest in collaboration tools.

Video conferencing tools, which, at the beginning of the pandemic, were a favorite of common searches, are plummeting in demand. Probably, businesses have since found the communication tools they need to keep their employees connected.

Now, companies using remote and hybrid work are turning to another solution – project management. In the past year, searches for these technologies have increased by 91% driven by marketing-focused search demand. SEO is the key to increasing traffic to your website. SaaS SEO services are very important to any business in this niche as SaaS companies are fiercely competitive, all vying for valuable B2B partnerships.

A deeper dive shows an increased interest in project management queries in other industries: IT, law, construction, and engineering.

10. Headless CMS

One of the possible solutions is Kontent Headless CMS by Kentico.

СMS is an integral part of any business to help you manage your content, add new features and finally maintain all the system, with all the data inside. Headless CMS is not a whim, but an essential part of any effective business website.

CMS lets you work with digital content consistently: create, modify and store the data on your platform. It’s a common solution for all types of businesses: small start-ups and big enterprises.


Now you understand the main benefits of cloud technology and the reasons for adopting it. So, it is critical for business owners to use key SaaS marketing and technology trends to stay ahead of the competition in 2021.


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