Sending files using Android apk WeChat, Telegram and WhatsApp

sending files using wechat, telegram and whatsapp
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The most common way to install applications on Android is through Google Play, but also can simply share a apk file for the other person to manually install the application. Although this can be done via Bluetooth, this time we’re going to show how to send files using Android apk WeChat, Telegram and WhatsApp , three of the best messaging application on Android.

Sending files using Android apk WeChat, Telegram and WhatsApp

Send apk files on Android using WeChat

For this, to work the application, WeChat must be installed on both devices and will also be required file manager for Android. Once you have everything ready we just follow these simple steps.


Open the file manager, eg ES File Explorer, then select the apk file you want to send and from the options menu click on ” Share “. If you use another file manager option can be ” Send “.


In the screen shown below simply have to select the application WeChat.


Finally just select the contact or contacts to whom you want to send apk file and then click on the ” Share “or” Share “. You can optionally add a brief message by way of description.

Send apk file using Telegram

The steps you must take to send apk files on Android using Telegram is much easier since this application includes an option that allows us to do exactly the same thing without resorting to other applications. All you have to do is the following:


Open a chat screen with the contact you want to send the application in Android apk


Click on the icon then ” Deputy “at the bottom of the screen and from the options menu select” File”.


Then Browse to the location of apk file, select it and then just wait a bit until the transfer is complete.

Send apk file using WhatsApp

WhatsApp does not include an option to send files other than images, videos or audios, so if we send files using WhatsApp Android apk we install a few extra applications: Dropbox and CloudSend . Once you do this:


Sign in Dropbox if you already have an account, if not need to create account.


Run the application CloudSend and allows access to your DropBox account. A folder named “CloudSend” will be created automatically.


Then use a file manager for Android to access the apk file you want to share and press and hold the file until you the option box appears, select ” Share “.


Then choose the option ” CloudSend “and then just wait for the file to be loaded into the DropBox folder CloudSend in


When finished loading the file will have options to Copy and Share.; you must select the latter option and then click on the “option WhatsApp ”


Finally you are asked to select the contacts to WhatsApp to those who want to send the application apk file and then display a link to the file name ready for discharge.
One important thing to mention is that when sending files using Android apk CloudSend not have limits on the size and you can actually share any type of file, and any application messaging, social networking, SMS or email.



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