APK Blogging Trends: What You Need to Know Before Diving In

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Should You Blog In APK Niche Anymore?: APK used to be the best niche for Google Adsense high CPC and CTR. But, with various Google Adsense Policy Changes, a lot has been changed in the APK niche. You can still choose to be in APK Niche. But it is not as much profitable now, as it used to be a couple of years back. So, this in-depth guide is more or less about – how to find awesome niches every single time in five simple steps for your blog or website.Should You Blog In APK Niche Anymore?

Should You Blog In APK Niche Anymore?

So, you are probably sitting there thinking you need to find this awesome niche because you don’t want to spend months or even years building up a website or building up a blog that’s just not going to go anywhere or that’s not going to make us money. Right? And, look, we have been there, we have ourself. created over 150 websites. And, we have also outsourced and paid a lot of people to create a lot of websites. We have developed a process that works pretty much every single time. And, we want to share it with you.

So, this is what we are going to be doing. So, we are going to make start out with a larger list of niche and niche ideas. And, we want you to kind of follow along with. Then we are going to filter that list using a few methods that we are going to show you guys and then based on that, we are going to come up with a few great niches. So, we start with a lot and then we kind of gradually filter them down. Right? And, when we filter it down, you should hopefully end up with a niche that you bite happy with. That is profitable and then you can go to it for a long time. So, the first step is, of course, to start creating your list.

And, we have got a nice template here. You can download this template in the description below. So, to create the list, the first thing that should start with is what are the sides you know think of the sides that you are already following. And, we are going to do this with you as we are going along. So, you need to think about our websites, Write them down and then you can use any template or just create a similar template yourself. If you want, in Google Docs, or you know in a spreadsheet, whatever you want. So, what are the websites that we are already following and that we like?

So, we are going to start writing them down. The particular sub-topics for example for a guitar website that we are already following. Blogging websites and subtopic. You can also call it to make money online niche and in particular subtopic is blogging. The other websites that we are already following an activity, reading are sports so soccer or football tip anywhere in the world. You are alright. So, let’s go ahead and put in a few more. So, the other things we are interested in the news. So, in particular, the subtopic is Australian current events. Also children. So, raising a child or raising a daughter, we have got delicious.

So, these could be some of the other things that we could potentially start a blog about. So, these give you a pretty good list, you get the idea, you know, just write down everything that you are possibly interested in. For example, gardening perhaps, you are interested in fishing. Just write them down and try to outline any subtopics. If there’s more than one set, for example in a Guitar, on the Guitar lessons, there could also be something like – get reviews of different guitars under MMR.

There could also be – for example, traffic or WordPress. So, just write them all down, break them down by subtopics, try to create a nice list. So, let’s continue. So, what would you do then is adding some additional issues? So, what we are talking about is there are three niches you may have heard of. Before that, you must also keep in mind to go with the golden niches that are already proven to be successful. It’s health/ exercise, relationships including dating and money and finance. If you have a blog or any kind of website within one of those three niches, you are pretty much guaranteed to make money as long as you can get the traffic to it.

You guaranteed to make money. So, let’s think through as a second step. Let’s think through these three golden niches and try to write down things within those niches that were interested in. So, within health, we are interested in bodybuilding sports supplements working out. You probably cannot tell from the look. At the same time, you can also include the Gym as a sub-niche or sub-topic in this. Even after reading this in-depth guide related to Should You Blog In APK Niche Anymore? still, if you are facing any questions or problems regarding the topic that is Should You Blog In APK Niche Anymore? please make sure to let us know your exact issues in the comment box below.

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