Smart Wallet Used to Find Mobile in Case of Loss

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Hello Friends! Today a new gadget came into the market which helps us to find our mobile phone when we loss it. This gadget is nothing but an Smart Wallet that is used to find mobile in case of loss. So, lets see about this smart wallet features and the use of this wallet to find our mobile as follows.

Smart Wallet Used to Find Mobile in Case of Loss

Do you often lose your wallet or do not know where you left your mobile phone? SmartWallet is a smart wallet that aims to solve both problems, thanks to its integrated Bluetooth technology connectivity and GPS chip providing location services to both articles.
For one, if you misplace a wallet we can access an application on the mobile showing the location of lost item and leads us to meet him as long as it is not more than 45 meters out. On the other hand, if we lose sight of the phone we can press a button on the wallet and the machine starts to ring, allowing  us to locate it easily.
In addition, if the wallet and mobile is too separated, means that when you leave your mobile at home and you forgot your money and the application on the smartphone notifies you of that, saving us quite a scare. And if that were not enough, the SmartWallet has an integrated 1000mAh for charging power to the mobile battery when necessary. Also releasing a secret pocket where he keeps the cable connector when not in use. Furthermore, we can locate the wallet itself and to recharge the phone with energy.
The item is compatible with models iPhone and Android devices, thanks to the integrated microUSB cables and Lightning. At the moment, the project is seeking funds in Indiegogo crowd funding platform , waiting to reach their goal of $ 10,000 for start being manufactured in bulk and sold to the public for $ 115 USD. However, through Indiegogo can be booked for $ 75, which also contributes to the cause.

Watch the Smart Wallet Features and Use:

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