Tech Careers in Non-Tech World

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Working in tech provides job security and the opportunity for a well-paying job immediately after college graduation.

Tech Careers in Non-Tech World

Unlike many careers, those in tech offer above-average compensation during those early working years where many people struggle. The ever-evolving nature of technology ensures job security well into the future.

The Education You Need to Land a Job

A college degree will open the door for any of these jobs. Unlike jobs that require high-level programming skills, these positions are harder to prove your qualifications for.

Having a college degree allows you to step into an entry-level position and prove your value. If finances are a concern, consider paying for some or all of your education with private student loans.

Private lending offers competitive interest rates and allows you to have some control over the repayment terms. If, like many students, if you don’t qualify on your own, consider asking a family member to cosign for you.

Having a cosigner for your loans increases your chances of being approved to borrow the money you need.

Tech Has Something for Everyone

If you are interested in working in tech but aren’t sure you are suited for software engineering or programming, there are plenty of options available.

Working as a web developer, for example, does require programming skills, but not necessarily the deep skills needed to build software and web apps. A front-end developer is responsible for building the parts of a website that users see and use.

A solid understanding of HTML and CSS is important, and are easy to pick up. You will need to be comfortable with JavaScript as well. However, just as important are the skills needed to put the web designer’s ideas into action.

Another job that is a great choice for those who can handle light programming is working as a data analyst.

You should understand databases and a database language such as SQL. An additional language, such as python or JavaScript, will come in handy, but it is more important than you are comfortable working with spreadsheets at an advanced level.

For those who aren’t interested in programming at all, working in digital marketing may provide the entry into tech that you want. Digital marketing requires you to stay up to date on the latest trends in social media, paid advertising, search engine optimization, and other areas of digital promotion. You won’t be expected to perform any coding.

Transitioning from Outside the Industry

If you are already employed, look for ways to transition into tech by leveraging your current experience.

Tech companies need the same staff as other companies, such as people working in sales, recruiting, and human resources. Don’t let your lack of experience in tech keep you from applying for the job. Instead, take advantage of your specialized skill set to make your move.

Even if you hope to move into a more technical area, making the initial transition as a lateral move will then allow you to progress in-house.

For example, if you are currently working as a project manager in advertising, the transition to a product or project manager in tech may be a natural fit. You will need to get up to speed on the technical specifications of your job, but your team will be staffed with engineers and programmers who can handle the finer details.

You can also transition from working in a corporate to get involved in technical operations at home. You may work as moderators for consumer apps like Rent A Car Dubai. You can happen to experience these mopeds too without too much pain in your pocket.

You will use your existing skills to create schedules, set deadlines, and manage the workflow.