Top 9 Jobs You Can Do Without Leaving Your Home

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Thanks to technology, in today’s world there are many jobs you can do without leaving home, either to provide extra income to your salary or that can become your main salary. 

Looking for WFH: Here are 9 Jobs You Can Do Without Leaving Your Home

From all those jobs, we have picked the 9 most common and simple jobs to work from home for you.

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There are many workers who decide to convert a corner of their house to their own office and bet on freelance work,  while there are also many companies that choose to hire remote workers or flexible part-time workers and that these do not have to play the full schedule from the office. But a lot of companies focus on hiring a freelancers.

Meanwhile, co-working spaces proliferate and jobs and fields related to ICT, innovation and the digital ecosystem are increasingly in demand.


Best 9 Jobs You Can Do Without Leaving Your Home

If you are looking for jobs that you can do without leaving your home, you have a wide spectrum of options at your disposal to choose from. For a large majority, you will need to have computer skills, management of social networks, or notions about online writing and content managers.

1. Write content online for others 

No self-respecting project that does not bet on a good content marketing strategy, so if you have skills or experience for digital writing you can offer your services and write articles online, prepare reports and interviews, or be curing content, exploits the bank that offers this type of employment.

There are numerous platforms where you can find a job. You can also bet on the writing of ebooks, a more extensive and specialized format that many companies demand, including illustrated examples and practical advice on a product, profession, program, or trend around a specific audience.

2. Editing and translation of online texts 

The digital universe also demands professionals to edit and improve articles or to translate texts, scripts, reports, or any other online content into one or several languages. 

As with the previous option, you can search for this type of freelance work on numerous platforms such as Byvox, Textmaster, Freelancer or Gengo.

3. Test and play video games 

If you’re good enough and interesting enough, platforms such as Twitch and Youtube Gaming offer players the opportunity to broadcast live of their video game experiences and thousands of subscribers register to watch those videos in streaming. A solid personal brand and having an audience that supports you will help you to earn income based on your contributions, monetizing your activity through advertising revenue or paid content. The players Brittney Brombacher and Greg Miller are excellent examples of people who have built a brand in the video game industry and monetized them through these methods.

4. Create and monetize your own blog 

One of the best ways to create and maintain an income stream is to create and manage your own specialised niche blog. There are all kinds of topics, from fashion to literature, travel and tourism, pets, technology, marketing and SEO or photography, among many other options. You must be tenacious, have a specific content plan, write original and referenced texts with expert sources and get connected with your audience. Your income can come from the use of affiliate links, the insertion of banners or an account in Google Adwords or Google AdSense, in addition to selling paid content, online courses related to your speciality or having sponsors.

5. Critique and review of products

If you like to share your opinions, and you are able to do it in an articulated and complete way, providing useful and valuable information for your potential audience, the review of products is a viable way to work from home. The sky is the limit here: if you like media and pop culture, you can review movies and music albums. If you like board games and video games, you can check the news of this industry.

6. Community manager

Logging into social networks, posting content, answering questions, serving customers and keeping up with the most important news in the sector does not require any kind of physical presence. If you have notions of Social Media and experience in the sector, the position of Community Manager is a job in vogue that any self-respecting brand needs to thrive in the competitive digital environment. In web pages like Infojobs, it is common to find offers of this kind, for which you must gather a series of skills such as those listed in this post. You must have graphics skills, good command of the language, knowledge of web analytics and monitoring tools, people skills for digital customer service and monitoring of competition, among many others.

7. Graphic designer 

If you have design skills, you can produce graphics for individuals and companies to use in advertising, on websites or for other purposes – cultural, for non-profit organisations, etc.  For this, you must know how to handle the different digital graphic design programs -like those belonging to the Adobe suite, have an attractive portfolio or meet the deadlines with your freelance clients to capture them in the long term and obtain positive feedback and recommendations.

8. YouTuber 

In the same way, as you can start a blog and earn money with it, you can create your own channel on YouTube and earn money by broadcasting content that interests your potential audience and earning revenue through advertising. The key is to find a niche that is not too saturated and inform or entertain a specific target audience with videos that have a good image and audio quality, a careful design and a distinct graphic personality. Work hard, investigate in depth, take care of your social networks or respond to your audience are some key points to succeed as a YouTuber.

9. Virtual Assistant 

This is one of the most requested opportunities for employees who work from home. Depending on who you work for, you could have responsibilities as a virtual assistant that includes booking hotel accommodations, organising or taking notes, maintaining schedules, compiling (digital) documents or even reading and researching on behalf of your employer. These opportunities are available in several different niches, so you’ll have to cross them out to job boards and establish contacts to find promising offers.

These are the top 9 Jobs we can do from home without leaving. I hope this list helps you to pick the best one for you. If you have any queries, let us know them in the below comment section. We will get back to you as soon as possible to solve all your queries.
Would you like to add any other best work from home jobs to this list? Then write them to us through comment box and we will include them in this article once the verification is done.

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Which Job will you prefer to work from your home?