Telegram 4.1 is already here (and comes with Incredible new features)

Telegram 4.1 is already here (and comes with Incredible new features)

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For many users, Telegram may not be the most used app in the field of instant messaging (the leadership of Whatsapp in this field is incontestable), but it is certainly the best and one with a greater number of features. And since yesterday, the number of them has multiplied thanks to the update to the new version of Telegram, the 4.1. In this version 4.1, Telegram will admit almost 40 times more users in its groups than WhatsApp.


Telegram 4.1 New Amazing Features

The Telegram app has improved a lot and added few amazing features in its new update 4.1. In this article, we will share all the updates that came with Telegram 4.1. Read the following to know more.

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Supergroups with double users: 

Till now the Telegram supergroups were able to host up to 5000 users. From current version that is Telegram 4.1 supports almost 10,000 users. Amazing isn’t it? We can have big groups with a large number of people together.

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Customised administration privileges

But if it could be complicated before managing a supergroup with 5000 users, imagine now. But the developers of Telegram have already thought about that, and have introduced the possibility of having sub-administrators and customise the level of permissions granted to each of them. This facilitates the distribution of tasks, there are admins that can delete messages and others that can ban users, or add new admins, post messages, change group information or multiple combinations of it all. In addition, administrators in each group will be able to access a history of their peers’ performances during the last 48 hours (user blocks, deleted or edited messages, etc.). This is really an incredible new feature. 

Restrictions to equally personalised users

Another way to facilitate group management is to allow administrators to implement different levels of user blocking, partially restricting the ability of those who are causing problems to act. Thus, they may be prevented from reading messages only, or sending them, or sending GIFs. In addition, custom time limits can be established for these locks.

Defence of freedom of expression

In the words of those responsible for the program ( now immersed in a confrontation with the Russian government ), this update also has anti-censorship tools, such as the possibility of configuring a proxy server in the section Data and Storage Of the settings.

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This is really awesome. Telegram 4.1 update really a big update that everyone must look into it. If you are an existing Telegram user and not updated yet, then update to the current version and share your experiences with us.
If you have already updated your Telegram app, then share your experiences about how the 4.1 update is working for you.
If there are any bugs in the current version, you can mail us through our contact us page or you can write them in the below comment section so that we can contact to the Telegram support team for the further changes.
Which feature do you like most in Telegram app till now?