These are the 25 Most Expensive Domains in History

These are the 25 Most Expensive Domains in History

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Buying and selling domains have always been a great business, and over the last few decades, we have seen how astronomical amounts were being paid for potentially profitable domains.


Not to go very far, since a few hours ago Elon Musk announced that he returned to buy‘, a domain he owned there for the year 1999. He has been in charge of announcing it through his personal account on Twitter:


Obviously, a domain which is as juicy as ‘’ will not be sold for little money. In fact, it is rumoured that he could have paid more than 5 million dollars for that domain. We still do not know what he will do with it, but what Elon Musk has left over are ideas and projects.

Most Expensive Domains in History

We are going to make a trip through domains that fulfil several requirements. They are usually very flashy names, usually short, many of them related to pornography and paid for them more than six figures.

Before knowing the definitive list, we will know a little more of some of these millionaire transactions. So, let us see the 25 most expensive domains in History.


Michael Castello is an entrepreneur who bought this domain in 1999 when it was practically nothing to build a website, inspired by the nightclub ‘Whisky a Go Go’. Years later, in 2014 it was sold to a German company for 3.1 million dollars.


Seeking to extend its market away from China, Xiaomi bought ‘’ at an auction. They paid for it 3.7 million dollars, and so was born this brand that now comprises smartphones, wearables or headphones.


In 2009, Amazon bought Zappos, a company that was dedicated to selling clothes on the Internet. They had to pay 928 million dollars, and in the documents of that agreement, it was known that Zappos had paid 4.9 million dollars by its dominion.


Sedo, a British domain seller, had ‘’. In 2009 they were sold to ToysRUs for $ 5.1 million. Now, obviously, this domain redirects us to the official ToysRUs page.

Big words. Everything that has to do with large-scale pornography on the Internet means one thing: a lot of money. Rick Schwartz, the “king” of the domains, bought ‘’ in 1997 for $ 42,000. In February of 2015 managed to sell it for 8,888,888 dollars to a company of Prague that offers this type of content.

Now we go with the list of the 25 most expensive domains in history. Anyway, we must know that many of the transactions have not been made public, so I would not be surprised if there are domains that have been paid for much more money.

  1. / 35.6 million (2010)
  2. / 35 million (2007)
  3. / 30.18 million (2012)
  4. / 18 million (2009)
  5. / 17000000 (2015)
  6. / 16 million (2009)
  7. / 13 million (2010)
  8. / 11 million (2001)
  9. / 9.9 million (2008)
  10. / 9.5 million (2007)
  11. / 8.8 million (2015)
  12. / 8.5 million (2010)
  13. / 7.5 million (1999)
  14. / 7.5 million (2006)
  15. / 7 million (2004)
  16. / 6 million (2011)
  17. / 5.8 million (2008)
  18. / 5.5 million (2003)
  19. / 5.5 million (2010)
  20. / 5.1 million (2009)
  21. / 5.1 million (2009)
  22. / 4.9 million (2008)
  23. / 4.8 million (2014)
  24. / 4.6 million (2013)
  25. / 4.2 million (2013)

As you can see the most of these acquisitions happened in the last decade. It seems that the bubble , in a way, has already exploded. To give us an idea, and taking it to a closer field. Let us see which domains will beat this figures in the future. 

If you would like to include any other domain which is suitable for this list, let us know through the comment section below.
After verifying all the details we will include it this list in the next article update. Stay tuned to our website for more interesting updates.
What do you think of spending so much of money on a domain name? Is it worth or not?