Tips to write guest posts that Google won’t recognize are paid

Tips to write guest posts that Google won’t recognize are paid

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Tips to write guest posts that Google won’t recognize are paid: You need to find websites to pitch, get your pitch accepted, and then actually write a good post. So that comes with two big limitations. The first is finding enough unique topics to write about. And, the second is time. But, we are going to help you break through these limitations. In this article, we are going to show you how to systematize your guest blogging process. So, you can find an unlimited number of prospects and topics with very little effort. So, what is guest posting or guest blogging exactly? It’s when you publish content on another website to increase exposure, traffic, or brand awareness for your website.Tips to write guest posts that Google won't recognize are paid

And, this tactic only has 3 steps. You need to find websites to pitch your guest post ideas to. Find topics to write about. Write content and get it approved published on their blog, ideally with a link back to your website. So, let’s move on to step one and find guest posting websites to pitch. There are two really easy ways to do this. The first one is to search for something like – intitle: your topic. So, we will use the fitness keyword as an example right here. And, then we will add guest post ahead of it.

Next, we want to make sure that pitching these websites will be worth your time. And, this is super important because, you don’t want to spend your time writing for websites that get no traffic and have no links, because it’s probably not going to do much for your brand or website. And, there are two metrics you can look at to get a bird’s eye view of the websites. The first is the domain rating, which is an Ahrefs metric that represents the overall strength of a website’s backlinks profile.

And, the second is the amount of search traffic they get at the domain level. And, you can find these metrics with Ahrefs SEO toolbar. After you have installed it, just click on the icon, and you will see that there’s an inline view of the SEO metrics for each page. And, the domain level metrics are the ones on the right side. One of our favourite things to do is to export the top 100 results, which you can do by clicking the icon up here.

Just make sure that you have your settings to show the top 100 results, which you can do by going to settings, search settings, and drag the Results Per Page upto 100. Then you can open up the spreadsheet and start creating filters to only show websites that will meet your thresholds. For example, you can set a filter to only show pages with a domain rating of 40 or higher. And, then set the Domain Search Traffic Filter to more than 10000 search visitors. And, right away, you have a list of around 15 or so guest posting websites to pitch.

Tips to write guest posts that Google won’t recognize are paid

Google Webmaster Official Warning For Guest Posts

In this section, we will discuss, when the question from publisher related to guest blogging was asked, how was the reply from Google Webmaster Officials. The question was – Currently, guest blogging is the favourite activity of webmasters for link acquisition. Due to its easy nature, lots of spammy activities are going on like article spinning etc. Is Google going to hammer websites for links acquired by guest blogging? If you get a high-quality blogger, it can.

But, this is the flip side, and we wanted to specifically address it as well. If you are doing so many guests blogs that you are doing the article, and likewise if you are allowing so many guest bloggers that they allow things like spun blogs, where people are not writing real content of their own, then that is a pretty bad indicator of quality. And if your website links to sites that they consider low quality or spammy, that can affect your website’s performance.

So, the short answer is YES. Google is willing to take action if they see spammy low-quality guest blogging, whatever you want to call it. It’s just placing low-quality articles on that website. And, so we would be cautious about using that as a primary link acquisition strategy. And, if you have a website where you will just let anybody post, probably the kinds of links that you get embedded in those articles, as a result, might affect your website’s reputation. So do think about that.

Don’t just think, of course, it’s called guest blogging, therefore it must be good. You always as the site owner or as the person who’s trying to get links, have to think about the quality of the links, the quality of the content, the amount of work that is put into it, and fundamentally whether users are going to be happy if they land on that page. If it’s down to the level where spammy activities are taking place – whether it be article spinning, or low-quality syndication, or whatever, that is the sort of thing where those results are going to make users happy.

And, therefore, Google is going to be interested in ways to solve that. So, do think about that whenever you are thinking about either writing a guest blog post or having a guest blogger place an article on your website. Even after reading this in-depth guide related to Tips to write guest posts that Google won’t recognize are paid, still if you are facing any problem or questions regarding the topic that is Tips to write guest posts that Google won’t recognize are paid, please make sure to let us know your exact issue in the comment box below.

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