Top 10 HR Interview Questions for Freshers with Answers and Tips

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HR interview is the kinda tricky part in all the remaining interview round, and the questions asked by HR will make the freshers tremble them to answer those tricky questions perfectly, but alltop9 is right here for you in providing good tips and answers to face those HR interview questions

Earlier in our post, we have seen how to build a perfect resume for freshers, now its time to see Top 10 HR interview questions for freshers with perfect tips and answers

10 HR Interview Questions for Freshers

Top 10 HR interview questions-answers-tips

Tell me about yourself/ Brief about yourself/Talk about yourself?

obviously, this is the first question asked by any HR in the interview (last round), don’t give the answer with over exaggeration, just make it simple, HR already got your resume, so he/she can read it, but why they asked this same question? here HR people assessing how much you know about yourself? and how you define yourself in a good way? so be cautious in what you answer
Tip: Follow the below answer in order

1. Name & place
2. Education qualification (it’s better you answer regarding higher education)
3. Hobbies/interests
4. Strengths/competencies

and finally end the answer with ” This is all about me sir”, or “This is about me sir”, because if you stay calm without ending the answer, they will think you are thinking to add up something for about yourself, so be specific and end it with a good tag as I specified above!

Why do you want to work with us?

As HR’s have good experience in hiring freshers, they will try to test your every skill, so be specific and honest with all your answers, and for this, the answer would be like in this way
I would like to work for you since your company is driven by passion and innovation and I would get exposed to the global working ambience,
Tip: They are going to hire you, so you need to know about the company work culture, and you need to answer this in their point of view and make them think that you are really willing to join with them to work as a team

What is your expected CTC?

CTC is nothing but cost to the company, the answer should be like this,
I would expect my CTC according to the norms and conditions of the company to my profile,
Tip: If they insisted on you. to tell the exact amount/figure, make sure you read the job description and the basic salary of the company before attending the interview, you can say I’ld expect my CTC around 3 lakhs /annum

How long would you like to work for us?

This question troubles you, you can’t say I will work my life in this company, or you can give a specific year limit (tenure), it will denote your attitude, so the answer will be:
I would like to work in this company (for you) as long as the company needs my service
Tip: don’t over tell the answer, just one sentence answer is enough to attract the HR interviewer

Are you ready to sign on bond for work in our company?

Singing a bond? you might think of the future after this question, you may think, what if I get a good offer from another company? In the same way, HR people think if you are really a hard-working and honest person, you would definitely love the company as it is responsible for the experience and good future to you (freshers) so they will expect a good answer from you ! and the answer will be:
Yes! of course, I am ready to sign the bond, but only after going through all the necessary documents.

Where would you like to see yourself in the next 2 years of time?

Everyone knows we can’t work under the same company for our lifetime, we have our own goals, and we just tried to get a job to earn some money to reach our goals so this will give your future planning, and the answer would be:
I would like to see my self as a Team Leader in 2 years of time in your company.
Tip: choose the best role, not a high role.

What is your dream job?

This question is also like the above question, you have your own goals and dreams to achieve, so HR interviewers ask these in order to asses how good you are at setting your future goals! and the answer (changes from person to person) and mine is :
I would like to be an entrepreneur in 10 years of time

Why should I Hire you?

This is the best question asked to a fresher by an HR, tell me, why should I Hire you? let me give a straight answer,
I’ve acquired all the competencies and skill sets which are required for the job profile you mentioned and I feel I would be a perfect fit for the job.

What is your major weakness?

Major weakness, rather than strengths Interviewers mostly ask about your weakness, if you give a wrong answer they will ask another question based on that answer, right now I choose 2 good answers that you can answer to the HR
  • My major setback is, I always feel that I am perfect in all my doings but at times it may not be true in other’s perspective, now I am consciously focusing towards overcoming this setback
  • My major setback is, I always feel more sensitive towards the feelings and needs of people but sometimes people take me for granted, now I am consciously focusing towards overcoming this

What do you know about our company?

Before going to attend the interview, as a fresher you need to do some research on the company either electronically or from newspapers grab some information regarding the companies, but don’t give the answer that you know about the company more than the interviewer do!
Follow this answer format for this question:

  1. When was the company established?
  2. Client base/customers information
  3. Products and services
  4. Accreditations and Accomplishments
  5. The latest information regarding the company
These are some of the best answers and tips for the HR interview questions and I hope you go through all these top 10 HR interview questions and answers, and the answers and tips are completely written as per my point of view, if you have some tips or better answers to add, please comment here, and we would love to add them!


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