How to Trace Cookies even under the Incognito of your Web Browser

How to Trace Cookies even under the Incognito of your Web Browser

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How to Trace Cookies even under the Incognito of your Web Browser:  One of the great advantages sail under the “Incognito Mode” of web browsers are the cookies are not stored in your computer and cannot find the user activity in the Incognito mode. If you think that your cookies are not stored under Incognito mode of your web browser, then you are made yourself fool. Why? This article explains you clearly that even under Incognito Mode we can find out the cookies and so called as ???. Continue to the article reading.

Find the Cookies in Incognito Mode

However, it has come to light, the existence and finding the cookies in Incognito Mode  are now called as “Super Cookies”. Super cookies : files containing identification data even when sailing under the incognito mode.

Vulnerability of Using Incognito Mode of Web browser

The vulnerability is generated when the web pages using HTTP Strict Transport Security (HSTS) to increase security while browsing redirected to the HTTPS version of the site instead of the traditional HTTP. However, in this process of change can create the super cookies to generate data that keep the user identification ,even in incognito mode.

Browsers Which get Affected by using Incognito mode

The problem affects Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera and Apple Safari especially since under the latter platform can not even delete super cookies. Ironically, Microsoft Internet Explorer is not affected as it has no support for HSTS technology.
Of course, the great responsibility is not the developers companies browsers, but the website owners who decide whether or not to take advantage of this vulnerability. We have reported a few high profile cases where telcos go to the super cookies, allowing frequent visitors identification even when they do not want to be identified.

Best Browser to use Incognito Mode

“Super cookies” can be traced to the user even under the incognito of your web browser. Firefox, Opera, Safari and Chrome are affected. Internet Explorer is the only secure platform.