How to Transfer Contacts From iPhone to Android

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You may desire to transfer data across two different devices to save space or seek convenience when upgrading your iOS/ Android system. However, the limited transfer data from Android to Android options have made people lose crucial information.

That said, it is one thing to know about file transfer software, and another to know how to transfer contacts from iPhone to Android.

Unknown to many, transferring data across Android and iPhone devices is straightforward. But the process may be more difficult if you are switching phones with different operating systems. You have to move contacts, videos, audios, photos, documents, not forgetting to recall your account passwords. You only need the ideal app to avoid losing important information.

Ways to Transfer Data From Android to Android

Below are some common applications to help you transfer data from Android to Android are:


You’ve most likely heard or used the popular app to share files from different Android Phones. Well, iPhones are no exceptions as long as both devices connect to the same internet network. Once you’ve installed ShareIt on Android and iOS, choose the files you need to transfer and select the recipient device.


Xender is not so different from ShareIt. Download and install the app from Playstore on both devices to share files from your iPhone to your Android phone. Subsequently, Xender requires local transfer data from Android to the Android network to get you started on the transfer process.

DropBox and iCloud Drives

DropBox operates on the cloud to allow users to move and store data across iOS and Android operating systems. For instance, if you use your Samsung Android device to keep data from Dropbox, you can access them from anywhere using your iPhone. The app has 2GB of free space to house documents, videos, music files, photos, messages, and contacts.

The fun continues across other iCloud platforms such as GoogleDrive, SugarSync, and OneDrive. You can share your files effectively once you sign up on both devices. Once you’ve selected and uploaded your desired data, you can share them on other platforms via a link for each file.


Install Feem on Android and iOS devices to create a local Wi-Fi network for transfer. Before moving data across, you must register your account and manually input the recipient’s user name for accessibility. The application is also fictional for Linux, Mac, and Windows.

Wireless Storage Device (USB)

The ideal USB memory stick has a Wi-Fi receiver to move files across iOS/ Android. You upload it on one device, load it with content, and offload the latter on another device. Wireless storage devices are particularly convenient when moving multiple items simultaneously. Besides transfer, you can also use them to store your volumes of data as backup.

ShareDrop and Send Anywhere Service

ShareDrop enables users to transfer data semi locally using an interface that somehow mimics AirDrop. Perhaps the only compromise is that you can’t work with it without a stable internet connection. In essence, ShareDrop requires you to interact with the website that provides the transfer service. You then select the user name for receiving the files to kick the app and have it run on your device.

Like ShareDrop, Send Anywhere uses the same AirDrop principle to allow you data access with the utmost simplicity and flexibility. Even better, you share your data for free by uploading and downloading them across your iOS and Android. A six-digit code comes in handy to enhance the security of your files for the exchange.

Online Transfer Services

Sometimes using the applications discussed earlier can be daunting, especially if you do not have enough storage capacity to download them from Playstore. At this point, you would get some help if you are not skeptical about going for a solution that gives you partial control.

Many services allow you to temporarily upload data (2GB-4GB) online to share them with other devices. These include WeSendIt, We transfer, and TransferNow, to mention a few. Not to worry- all the data is encrypted during transfer for security purposes. The person you are sending the files to then receives a link to access and download the data.

Personal Cloud Storage

Several solutions enable one to purchase off the shelf to share files with people online. Subsequently, you don’t have to worry about bringing on board a third-party application. The ideal Personal Cloud Storage device allows Mac users to share files with iOS and Android smartphones.

You easily connect the plug with your internet router to give 40 people access to your files over the internet. The system also creates links for recipients to view and download files over a limited time.

The above are a few tools you can use when transferring files across iOS/Android. If you want something more magical, Dr.Fone – Phone Transfer might suit you best.

Dr.Fone – Phone Transfer

Dr. Fone transfer


The transfer tool is convenient for moving data between two devices, regardless of their different operating systems. It supports iOS to iOS, Android to iOS, Android to Android, or iOS to Android. Many people prefer Dr.Fone because of their efficiency and speedy transfer process.

transfer process


You can move small and large files within a few minutes, including videos, photos, contacts, documents, and audio.

Other than transferring data, Dr.Fone also functions to:

  • Recover lost data i.e. messages, calendar logs, call history, and chats and attachments from WhatsApp, among other apps.
  • Repair iOS when your system crashes- you get to enjoy a normal operation after fixing various issues like loop and black screen. Your data is not lost in the process as long as you have a backup.
  • Permanently erase unwanted files to prevent access by any other recovery software.
  • Back up and restore all your data on your iPhone and export them to another device.

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Dr.Fone – Phone Transfer is compatible with iPhone and Android systems and has significant storage space. You can start with the free trial as your stepping stone before engrossing into the real deal- which, of course, is worth your time and resources.