Using Paper Cores for Your Business

Using Paper Cores for Your Business

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Paper core packaging is a unique alternative to traditional packaging options. They are lightweight, making products easier to transport. Paper core manufacturers will work with you to find what product best suits your needs. The demand for paper cores is growing due to their various advantages.

Paper cores are cardboard tubes made for packaging. They are known for their ability to store many products. Businesses favor them over traditional storage and shipping methods.

Advantages of Paper Core Packaging

Long-lasting and Safe

The paper core design is secure to protect products during transport. Paper tubes provide ideal cushioning to lower the chances of a damaged product. It is resistant to weather such as sunlight and wind. Some manufacturers also offer wax-coated water-resistant paper cores.


Paper is a recyclable material. Products made of materials like plastic are damaging to the environment and wasteful. Additionally, it is easy to reuse paper cores to transport more products. Unlike traditional plastic packaging, paper cores are not single-use. After you use them for one product, they don’t need to be thrown away.


Paper is also a lightweight material. It is not heavy like plastic, wood, or metal. Since the packaging is light, it makes the transportation process easier. The weight of the paper core will mostly be the item you are packing and not the paper core itself.

Safe for Food

Many plastic packaging options are not food-friendly. Plastic can contaminate food and create a hazard in the packaging process. There are no health risks when using paper packaging for food.


In general, paper costs less than other packaging materials. The lightweight feature leads to fewer transportation costs. You can reuse and recycle paper cores which leads to purchasing less of them. Each factor will save your business money when packaging products.


There is a paper core for all packaging needs. Colorful packaging is an option for those who want a theme. There are various sizes to secure a product best. No matter what you’re looking for, the paper core manufacturer can help find the perfect fit.

Steps to Buying from Paper Core Manufacturers

  1. Decide who you want to buy from. There are various reputable paper core companies to choose from. Find one that suits your individual needs. Looking at their websites is a great way to do narrow it down. The more specific you are with your needs, the better your experience.
  2. Tell them what products you will be packaging. Paper cores are specific to the item they are packaging. The company needs to know if you are packing metal, film, tape, whatever it may be. This is an essential step due to how universal paper cores are.
  3. Tell them if you want spiral or convolute paper cores. Convolute paper cores are for heavy-duty packaging. They are bend resistant and have a dynamic build. Spiral paper cores are best for lighter shipments. Spiral paper cores use a thinner cardboard material. It is necessary to make the right decision to avoid any issues during shipment.
  4. Make sure to ask questions. The paper core suppliers are there to help you. If you are unsure which type of paper core you need, it’s essential to ask. It’s better to ask any questions before placing an order. That way, the process goes smoothly for both parties.
  5. Make your preferences known. As previously mentioned, paper cores are customizable. If you have a preference such as color, water resistance, size, or durability, let your supplier know. They can tell you if they can meet your preferences or if you will have to find a different place.


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