Web Hosting Consumer’s Guide – All you Need to Know

Web Hosting Consumer’s Guide – All you Need to Know

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New businesses will need an online presence and for this, they need a web hosting service to host their website. Many novices are not aware of the importance of web hosts.

Why you need Web Hosting?

It is the epoch of the internet. Everyone makes use of the internet in some way or another using a different device to stay connected. In another five years, more than eighty per cent of the world will have access to it.
If you own a business, then its survival depends on computers and the internet, you cannot ignore this fact. No matter what kind of business you run, having a website and an online presence is crucial because online is the current shopping trend. People come in search of products and services online and will most likely discover your product online.
web hosting
This is the reason you need to have a website created but for establishing it on the internet you will need a web host. Websites are hosted on servers, and there are specific web hosting companies, whose primary job is to sell you space to host your website. This space is known as the domain and is going to be used throughout the article. A domain (examples: .web, .com, .in) is the subset of the internet, and every website has one.

Common Pitfalls

So now you know why you need web hosting, what are some traps you can’t afford to fall in?

The free domain trap is the first one that comes to mind. It sounds innocent and cheap, but it isn’t. Take a close look at the terms specified in the agreement, before buying the domain. Odds are that while you get to control the domain, the ownership belongs to the company itself and they might charge a lot to sell your own website to you later. Try not to fall for such a trick.
Common Pitfalls - Web Hosting
Carefully read the disk space and bandwidth terms. You might be a small company now and not need a lot of bandwidths but very soon you might find that your website has become very popular. The problem is compounded if you offer downloads as high traffic combined with downloads is a surefire way of running out of bandwidth. Make sure you check the agreement carefully and analysed how much bandwidth you need before you find that you have to pay a hefty data transfer fee.
No unlimited storage is actually limitless. Make sure you keep that in mind before you fall for a gimmick like that. A careful look at the terms of services that the provider offers you before you sign up with them will probably show you that they are working on unlimited storage by inserting a server space clause, which stipulates that exceeding a certain amount of server space subjects your website to instant termination. Backup your website. Lots of hosts offer free backup, which is mandatory in most cases but it’s advisable to perform your own backups periodically.


Research is an action that cannot be stressed enough. Your website is going to be an integral part of your business. Investigate cheap website hosting services to find out that there are no hidden charges that can surprise you suddenly, in due course.