What Is Penguin Algorithmic Update?

What Is Penguin Algorithmic Update?
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What Is Penguin Algorithmic Update?: To be frank, in this article, in short, we will talk about other Algorithmic updates as well. But, we are going to keep our main focus on Penguin Algorithmic Update only. We want to talk about four things. Or, we don’t want to talk about hummingbird, panda, penguin and Pegion in the difference between them. And, if you don’t know what these are, these are Google Algorithmic updates. That really kind of rock the industry. And, completely are game-changers.What Is Penguin Algorithmic Update?

What Is Penguin Algorithmic Update?

So, in this article, we just want to spend a couple of minutes not going too in-depth on each one. But, just kind of review it for the people that maybe are trying to think of you know, what is the difference between them. So, first, we are going to do is jump into a hummingbird. So, really what that was – that was an attempt by Google to provide better responses to voice queries. So, when you are talking on your phone or even your computer, a lot of people have that functionality, now so really what we want to see on webpages.

Now, in regards to hummingbird is answers to questions, facts, statistics dense articles that type of information starts getting surfaced a lot more. These thorough in-depth pieces with great information. We are starting to coming up quite a bit more after the hummingbird update. Now, the Panda Update was a little bit different Panda is more about on-site issues. Or actually, things that are actually on your website and two of the main things that the Google Panda update looks at are duplicate content.

So, multiple URLs with the same content on them are bad. It’s always been bad, it’s a lot worse with Panda especially on really big websites. With hundreds of thousands, even billions of pages. But, also it looked at things, like thin content. So, if you have a URL right? And, you have only got like a hundred words of content on it. That would pan to hit those types of websites. All of those URLs got kicked out of the index, right we saw that with a lot of news websites, that have very short posts and blogs that have been ranking, you know, demand media. A business, in particular, that got hit hard by that across the board on a lot of their different properties.

And, then another thing that Panda looked at was things like Click-through rate and bounce backs. So, if you have surplus keywords or google Title, and in the seek of the knowledge, they visit your page. Now, when they came back out, they say – they hit the back button. We don’t like them. Then, they click on the next one. These usability type of things, we are tied into the Panda update. So, you got to have good usability metrics, you have to have good content as far as Panda and really hummingbird is concerned and you cannot have a lot of duplicate content or thin content. And, another thing we will stay real quick on this was a lot of people what they were doing was like spinning content. And, creating thousands and thousands of URLs.

We had no information on them. But had some relevant keywords that they wanted to rank for. And, so really this was a webspam update by Google to try to get that stuff out of there. So, Penguin update – so really what this was about mostly for penguin was external linking. So, if you had a bad link profile and you had, you know, links from really cruddy domains and stuff like that didn’t match up with the theme of your website, you could have gotten in trouble there.

But, one of the main things was the anchor text. Right? So, if your website was – you were selling motorcycle boots. And, you had a ton of people linking to you with the term motorcycle boots. You could have gotten kicked out of the index for that query. So, there’s a lot of different philosophies out there. But if your entire link profile has a certain percentage of anchor text that’s too high, the penguin will see that in the boom. You are out of the index for that query.

So, kind of interesting right now. The other thing that penguin did too is it looked at Keyword density. If the keywords in someone’s blog were found to be excess than expected. Then, such blogs were hit during the Penguin Algorithmic Update. The most important part was, initially, almost a decade earlier or in the era before the penguin update, Google used to rank the websites having lots of lots of keywords implemented in them. That’s why lots of publishers started putting in numerous keywords excessively in their blogs.

Which, with time led to excessive use of keywords in the website. This resulted in a kind of black hat trick or cheating to rank in Google SERPs – Search Engine Result Pages. So, it was extremely important for Google to tackle the issue, and it was initially done with Penguin Algorithmic Update only. Even after reading this in-depth guide related to What Is Penguin Algorithmic Update?, still, if you are facing any questions or problems regarding the topic that is What Is Penguin Algorithmic Update? please make sure to let us know your exact issue in the comment box below.

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