What’s New in the Game Industry in 2024?

What’s New in the Game Industry in 2024?

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The gambling industry doesn’t stop developing for a second. The constant improvement of technology and adaptation to the global trends of 2022 has a positive effect on gamblers.

New Trends in Online Games

In this material, we will tell you about the best online gambling sites and you can check these best online gambling sites from casinoscanada.best, which use the new trends in real-money entertainment.

Online Casino for Cryptocurrency

Since last year and to this day, cryptocurrencies have become megapopular. Even the most prominent companies are beginning to use them for payments. We are used to paying for goods, entertainment, and travel with virtual or digital money. Therefore, the demand for currencies like Bitcoin, Litecoin, Doge, and Ethereum will only grow.

Due to the rapid development of digital currency, it began to be used in the top and the new online casino. Today, cryptocurrency gaming is – one of the top sectors of gambling entertainment for the money. Last year alone, its value increased to $231 billion.

Today, the growing popularity of cryptocurrency in different companies and the gambling industry as a whole is due to the following factors:

  • It is a decentralized system, not equipped with a specific point of control with blockchain technology. This eliminates the need for intermediaries, which ensures a high speed of transactions and transparency of funds transfers.
  • Cryptocurrency casinos online offer minimal commissions compared to fiat gaming services from Canada. Sometimes, Bitcoin payments do not require you to pay any commission, which saves real money.
  • Using cryptocurrency to play for real stakes is ideal in the concept of privacy. You are guaranteed the strictest anonymity because your information is not used in the transfer of funds. Players can create multiple accounts with different names to use cryptocurrencies.

Virtual Reality in Online Casinos

Just a dozen years ago, lovers of gambling entertainment dreamed of having a cell phone and playing your favorite games from anywhere in the world. Today, the Internet technology industry and mobile gambling significantly advanced, allowing you to apply all the innovations towards the comfort of the game at online casinos.

The company Meta, which owns Facebook, created Metaverse, which was the push for the improvement of VR/AR technology. Today, players can experience a fully immersive virtual world at top online casinos, where they can play slots, cards, or table games with a VR helmet and joysticks. Most features like gestures or 3D avatars apply when playing the same poker or other entertainment.

But today, it is not worth betting on the universal application of VR/AR in a gambling club environment. This is due to the need to purchase expensive gadgets and headsets to play virtual reality.

Mobile Online Casinos and Betting

Portable devices like cell phones have since replaced televisions, computers, and other electronic devices. However, every user in 2022 solves most of their work or entertainment questions through a smartphone or pad.

Most game developers create entertainment for cell phones. That’s why the gambling industry can’t avoid the mobile space. That’s why the top bookmakers and online casinos make applications for convenient gaming on a smartphone.

Thanks to HTML5 technology, players can easily bet on the top draws in soccer, basketball, or other sports. Slots or table games are also available in the apps. You can also play for money in your browser without downloading the online casino to your device.

Micro Betting

When online betting appeared, most players bet on the main outcomes of sporting events. We are talking about betting on winning a match, a tournament, or a league. It was possible to bet on the favorite, to try to guess the number of goals scored. However, these markets have long been unattractive to professional bettors. Micro bets on the events during the game enjoy great success: who will score the next goal or serve a corner, will there be a red card, the number of cards, etc.

Considering the development of micro betting and the emergence of a large number of outcomes, it is difficult to notify the results manually. Therefore, AI technology is used to identify completed matches and their results, as a result, the distribution of players’ profits.


In 2022 there will be a lot of changes in the gambling industry. Considering the rapid development of technology in recent years, user appetites will continue to grow.

We will have to come up with methods to attract active players with real money by offering exclusive solutions from top providers.  Furthermore, the role of cryptocurrencies in terms of gambling portals will increase if the rate of the latter is stable.

Generally, we advise playing for real money responsibly and only when you are 21 years old in Canada.



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