Get More Out of WhatsApp: Know Who’s Read Your Messages

Get More Out of WhatsApp: Know Who’s Read Your Messages

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WhatApp is a cross-platform instant messaging app (mobile version) that lets you send text messages, calls, video and many more. WhatsApp is one of the most popular instant messaging mobile applications which is used by millions of people across the world. It is an unquestionably prevalent instant messaging app which is being used by more than 800 million users every month globally due to best security features. It could be literally regarded as a major communication platform for every mobile phone user. Earlier, people used to write letters to their crush or beloved ones and wait patiently for their response for a number of days. But now, all those days are gone and we can get an instant reply once we text via WhatsApp messaging platform.

It has become much popular and widespread across the world due to its amazing features enabling its users to send messages, make voice calls and video calls and much more. Like Facebook, this instant messaging app also provides an option of Last seen so that the sender will be notified whether the message is delivered or they’ve read it and haven’t replied. If the receiver views the message, you can see two blue ticks right beside the message which means it’s read by your friend who received your text. There is an app called Shh WhatsApp which is like an incognito of WhatsApp that hides your last seen on WhatsApp without notifying the messengers that you read their messages.
WhatsApp New Features
In the new update of WhatsApp, it has introduced some incredible features that reveal how sent messages are treated once they reach its recipient. Recently, it has also rolled out new features that let users send documents on WhatsApp over chat. WhatsApp has added a new feature, letting people check whether their friends are ignoring them all at once. Besides this, WhatsApp’s new update has rolled out with incredible features that include link copying, shared link history tab and granular control over chat clearing. Check out all the features and use them on your instant messaging app.

Check Who is Ignoring Your Messages on WhatsApp

WhatsApp has rolled out a new feature in the latest update that lets you check whether your messages are being ignored by your friends or beloved ones. A user can now check whether a message has been received and read by a recipient without the annoyance of opening individual threads.
The chat feature of the messaging app WhatsApp enables the user to see all at once the status of messages and whether they have been acknowledged or ignored by the recipient. Through the color coding status, the new WhatsApp update indicates whether a message has been sent, received and read by the user.
WhatsApp Notifications

  • One tick implies that the message has been sent.
  • Two grey ticks indicate that the message sent has already been received by the recipient.
  • Two blue ticks will tell the sender that the message has been read by the recipient.

This new feature of WhatsApp may bestow some signs of privacy violation, but there is also an option if they don’t wish to utilize this new feature.
Check WhatsApp Messages - read - delivered
Turn OFF this Feature

  • If you don’t wish to use this feature, you can choose to turn off the receipt feature so that the sender will not be notified whether the recipient has read the message.
  • That can be done by heading to the app, selecting Settings >> Account >> Privacy >> Turn OFF read receipts.

Read Receipts on WhatsApp
If you choose to turn off the feature, those who use this feature will not be able to view whether their messages have been read. With the latest feature from WhatsApp has both pros and cons. However, it is a beneficial option for those who wish to check whether their friends are ignoring them or not. You can now scan through all of your hushed friends at once, and tell if they’re ignoring you or are just asleep.

Easy Link Copying

One of the most irritating features in the preceding versions of WhatsApp was that you couldn’t copy a URL just by tapping and holding on it. Even after tapping for a long time, you couldn’t have the possibility of copying the link directly. Instead, you had to tap and hold the whole message it was sent in, and then only, you could copy or forward that.
Copying Links - WhatsApp
The disadvantage of that feature was that you ended up with the whole content of the message, including all the ramblings that came with it, not simply the URL link. This form has changed as well in the latest update of WhatsApp. In the latest version of WhatsApp between 2.12.453 and 2.12.486, it has added an option that lets you just tap and hold on a link and have it copied immediately.

  • Tap and hold in the link.
  • The link will be copied and you can then go and paste the URL anywhere else on your device.
  • Other unnecessary text will not be copied along with the URL link.

From now, you need not have to copy the whole message instead, you could simply copy the URL and place it wherever you wish to.

New Shared Links History tab

Usually, every conversation in WhatsApp has a Media screen that aggregates all the sent and received images and videos. It is a place where you can quickly browse through all the memes and videos that you’ve shared with your friends on your group conversations. Recently, that media screen got another tab merely for links.

  • The tab is a reverse sequential list of all the shared links in a one-on-one or group chat, and each link has a rich preview top part and a lower part with the message it was actually sent in.

WhatsApp - New Features

  • Once you tap on the preview, it instantly opens the link in your browser, while tapping the bottom takes you to the message so you can star, share, delete, or view the context in which it was shared.
  • It’s a very beneficial way to promptly peep through the interesting links you’ve sent or received and find that one article you want to check again or share with someone else.

Clear Conversation on WhatsApp

You have conversation clearing feature on WhatsApp that helps you to get rid of messages by completely deleting an entire chat.Mostly, users like moving to the overflow menu in a conversation and then tapping More > Clear chat to remove all messages but keep the chat in their history. All this process is quite hectic so WhatsApp has brought a couple of changes in that clearing option now.
Delete Conversation on WhatsApp
Initially, clearing messages on WhatsApp became more granular, enabling you to delete all messages or only those that are older than 30 days or 6 months. A new checkbox is added to hold starred messages when clearing a chat. This helps you not to lose that necessary address or information that was sent to you, even if you are able to let go of the rest of the conversation.
You can make use of all these new features on the instant messaging app which is available on the latest version 2.12.486 of WhatsApp, which you can take from APK Mirror or by joining the new official Play Store beta.