Why FlightHub believes using social media managers saves you time

Why FlightHub believes using social media managers saves you time

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There are plenty of reasons why using secondary social media management tools are worth your while. As a business owner, you don’t have the time, energy, or resources to dedicate monitoring all the social platforms your business may have. As a new business owner, you’re overwhelmed with trying to start your business up and have to deal with more pressing issues that social media management. With all this in mind, FlightHub reviews the why’s and how’s subscribing to a social media management platform saves you not only your time and money but also your sanity.

Manage all your social media platforms in one place

Imagine the world where you have ultimate control over every social media platform imaginable: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google+, WordPress and more. Seamlessly track, upload and engage on all your social media platforms without switching in between tabs. Most social media management tools allow you to streamline every platform onto a single location, where you have the power to do it all. This is your very own “Command Central” for your business, meaning it saves you time and allows you to focus and coordinate large-scale projects.

Time your posts

Did you forget that today is international puppy day? Worried about missing the upcoming lunar eclipse? Do you have a contest deadline you need to keep? Don’t fret, and instead, schedule ahead! Create a dynamic content calendar that reflects your interests and shares what you want, when you want to! This kind of pre-planning also lets you clear up your busy schedule and not have to wait around for the exact moment to post your favorite picture, update your blog, or anything else you may want to do. Allowing you to schedule posts also puts you one step ahead of your competitors, who may not be on these management platforms.

Create campaigns and contests, and watch it grow

One of the most valuable attributes FlightHub believes social media management platforms bring to businesses is the ability to coordinate large-scale (or mini) campaigns aimed at engaging new or returning users. This is important when creating brand loyalty, as your brand and business must be able to stand out from the oversaturated eCommerce world. In a world where content is king, having interesting and engaging content or campaigns will set you apart from the rest of your industry, and proving to your customers that you’re, in fact, the “it” company they want to be a part of.

Follow interesting influencers, competitors, fellow businesses

Keep your friends close, but your enemies closer. Social media management systems allows you to keep tabs on people of interest: whether they’re leaders in industry that you aspire and look up to, or competing brands that you need to keep one step ahead of, allowing you to control how you engage and recruit followers is an important part of social media and eCommerce. For the first time, businesses are able to see what their customers are doing once they’ve “left” the store with their product. Do they share it with their friends? Do they hate it, or love it? Tracking the right kind of people you want to follow your brand is an integral part to the overall success of your company.