10 Steps and Tips to Create An Perfect eBook Free With Tools

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The idea for this guide came to me by the people who asked me if I knew the best tool to create a free ebook, as they are thinking of creating a blog to promote their ebook.The truth is that making an ebook can be a perfect tool to let us know and improve ourPersonal Branding.


How to create a good ebook in 10 steps

Here, are the simple steps to build an ebook free with simple knowledge and by doing easy tasks.

1. Define what goals are before writing ebook

Before making an ebook , means very important thing that you should answer this simple question yourself that why do you want to create an ebook ?. If you have not found an answer means that you are not ready to start this long project. Make sure that what are your goals and what should be included in the ebook. Be confident with your writings in ebook and remember that many people will read your ebook and they should get satisfied and benefited with this ebook. Never make simple mistakes that readers should not loose their interest while reading this ebook. So, setting your goals are very important.

2. Define the content structure ebook

A good ebook should have the following structure:

  • Introduction.
  • Theoretical framework.
  • Practical application.
  • Tools.
  • Tips and Errors.
  • Conclusions.
  • Fuentes.
  • Glossary.

3. Organize your time well

Before you even creating a Digital Marketing ebook and Social Networking what ever it is Time management is very important. Manage your time and write well. If you think time is not so important then you will write it for life time without any planning, organising or anything. So, maintaining limited time is important as it is a long project.

4. Analyzes the results and impact similar to yours ebook

If you analyze the results of several similar to yours ebook and the impact has been low or zero, may not make sense to create this ebook. So, before starting to write and dedicate a lot of hours, looks fine if the content you want to write meets the needs and expectations of your audience. When the analysis is completed we will know if our ebook creates and offer it for free if it is viable project or not.

5. Read, read and then read

If you want to write quality content you have to read similar content written by the best authors of reference, i.e., before starting to write you many hours of reading ahead, the more time you spend on this phase of the creation of the ebook, best will be the quality output.
If you intend to skip this stage or not devote the necessary time, it is likely that the quality of the ebook you want to create will seriously affected.

6. Start writing your ebook

Finally time to get “hands-on” and start writing, and thereby shape our ebook. Think that making an ebook you’ll take a long time so it is essential respects as:

  • Scheduling.
  • Focus minds well.
  • A clear and accurate focus.
  • Avoid any distractions.

Set yourself an end date and a daily writing time for successful completion of the milestone.

7. Getting the ebook visual without designer

Today we have great tools that allow us to create stunning computer graphics and high quality, so we can include them in our ebook. We think that an ebook should have a strong visual load, so we are probably talking about creating tens of infographics.

1. PicMonkey

Tool with which you can create free computer graphics and amazing ease, and its versatility in creating infographics, especially if we use it properly.

2. Canva

Free tool with which you can do very easily infographics.

3. Pixlr

Choose from 3 types of totally free online editors to see which one best fits your needs and your technical skills.

4. Ribbet

This online tool is somewhat less intuitive at a glance, as in creating infographics step by step, but when we see how it works becomes a very simple tool to use.

8. ebook Review

When we find that, already created ebook is very important to do a thorough review to try to correct grammatical or style errors.

9. Perform other professional introduction ebook

We strongly recommend that other professional input and presents our ebook, and us as author, is a very common practice in the books when we ask others to write the prologue, but I think it can also apply to writing an ebook.

10. Do a good spread of ebook

One of the mistakes that can reach down to the time to create a free ebook is to do better dissemination of it or not having the best tools in my blog to get my goal.
To make the most of this treasured work you spend a lot of hours, I’d recommend using Sumome and it will be much more easy to convert visitors into subscribers of Blog .
If you think this article is helps you do share or comment your views so that we will contribute our writings in such type of articles too. Thank you!

10 Tips to create an ebook

1. Set yourself an end date and do not let anything distract

If you write an eBook you have to make a work schedule that clearly details the hours of dedication that you’ll spend each week, and a date of completion. If you do not like the ebook, the project can not be endless and never become a great professional and personal disorder.

2. Add an infographic for every 2 pages of ebook

Do not forget to give your ebook a very visual aspect that makes it more attractive and interesting to the reader,  “image content engages and becomes more engaged with readers” a phrase that I love and with which I fully agree.

3. Write an ebook with high quality

A quality means everything. If we have a good quality of eBook then no one can beat us. Yes or no. Yes! its true. A writer who has unique and high quality content can rule this online world.

4. Care about ebook cover

If you go to a good ebook I recommend you do well and hire a good designer to do the cover and visual elements that you’ll use for promotion. Many of them will decide the ebook by looking at the cover page. So, if you know the designing part make a perfect cover page which describes entire part of your ebook.

5. Convert readers into subscribers through a good ebook

Convert your readers into subscribers. By giving a quality content ebook makes people to subscribe to your blog or anything. Make people to subscribe for your talent and your publishing’s.

6. ebook alone does not do magic

So prepare a good strategy for dissemination and publicity to attract the largest possible number of conversions through your new ebook. Define what actions will you take to the promotion and dissemination of both ebook on your own page as in other blogs or websites do.

7. Use a good plugin for conversion of leads to your Blog

I recommend you use Sumome (an unknown to many) one free wordpress plugin with which you can make a great ebook dissemination campaign on the blog and get increase the number of subscribers, adding these directly to your MailChimp subscribers list. I recommend you read the post.

8. Get the opinion of other professionals

Need feedback from other professionals to refine and further enhance your new ebook.

9. Apply a professional of great relevance to this ebook and its author

After writing a ebook that I highly recommend you to ask another author to write the foreword of it. It will be a plus point for your blog and your publicity.

10. Do not get short with extension

After analyzing the ebooks that are currently written there is a large difference in size and 2 extensions predominate above all:
  • 20-40 pages. It is one of the most popular extensions at present but we must be careful that our ebook does not seem too short to reader.
  • 41 to 100 pages. They are less ebook when compared to the previous category, but in my opinion these are more professional and offer more facts, tips, useful tools that will help us a lot in our daily work.

These are the top 10 best tips to create an effective eBook for free online part 2.

10 Best tools to make a free ebook

1. NeoBook

NeoBook tool is simple to use and with which you can create an ebook very quickly. This tool runs on Windows and can use it for free.

2. 7Write

7write tool, with which you can make a free ebook and a very simple way. One aspect I like is that guides you step by step and step by step throughout the process of creating the digital book. It has a full text editor that will help you enrich the ebook. You need to be logged in to this site to use this free tool.

3. iBooks Author

Thinking program for users of Mac OS X and with which you can create ebooks to read on your iPad.
The ebooks made with this tool can only climb the Apple iBook Store.

4. Bubok

Highly recommended tool for designing and creating ebooks very easily. The project was sponsored by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport of Spain. The platform has a catalog of more than 70,000 books published and is integrated with Google Books and Amazon among other stores with presence in several countries.

5. ByeInk

It is a very easy tool to use that lets you create professional books and eBooks easily and respecting each of the stages. You can create, edit, and distribute your works layout getting a high quality look professional and attractive to potential readers of your works.

6. Papyrus

Tool for making digital books are  done very easily and without our prior knowledge. The service offered by Papyrus is completely free and allows you to choose between multiple formats. The formats in which you can create eBooks are compatible with Kindle (MOBI), EPUB and PDF. The service is one of the best if you just you start in the art of writing and publishing as it has a basic editor, a tool for designing the cover of the book, lets you import content from the Internet to convert and to publish the work for a gain.

7. MoglueBuilder

MoglueBuilder tool fully compatible with Windows and Mac OS X, and a good choice to create simple digital books.

8. Myebook

This tool allows us to create digital books where interactivity is especially the same power, which may include video, flash, music and all the resources you can think of. You can sell the ebook through Myebook platform and remember that you only charge 10% commission on sales reported.

9. Jutoh

It is a very comprehensive and intuitive program to create electronic books, and although not a free tool, cost is much lower than tools like Adobe Indesign.

10. Vook

With this tool you can create and publish an ebook in a simple way. The platform currently has over 4 million ebooks.These are the best tips and tools to create an effective eBook. These may help you people to create a best eBook and to benefit from that. To my knowledge I have mentioned some and if you know anything new just let our readers know in comments.
If you have any tips and tools to create an effective and professional eBook, let us know in the below comments. If you have already created any eBook, mention those in the comment section for our readers.
What is the first eBook you have created?