Unbelievable 11 Most Curious Places in Google Earth

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Google Earth allows you to walk around the world virtually for hours and, thanks to satellites, see the planet from another perspective. 

11 Unbelievable and Worthy of Your Curiosity Places in Google Earth

But, sometimes, you can find really the things which we cannot believe with our own eyes. Well, attentive, because from the sky you can contemplate things that at ground level seem really impossible. These are the 11 most curious places in Google Earth you are going to see today at AllTop9.com.


Unexpected 11 Most Curious Places in Google Earth

Let us start our tour to see the 11 most beautiful and curious places in Google Earth.

1. Guitar shaped forest

The first unbelievable yet the most curious place in Google earth is the guitar-shaped forest. To see this guitar-shaped forest, you have to travel to the Argentine city of Cordoba. With a kilometre in length, it is composed of cypress and eucalyptus trees. The latter shape the six strings of the instrument, while the cypresses form the body and mouth of the guitar.

It was created by a farmer in homage to his deceased wife.

Coordinates : -33.867886, -63.987

2. Aircraft Cemetery


In Tucson (Arizona, United States) is the largest aircraft cemetery in the world. In total, 2,600 hectares with more than 4,000 aircraft removed from the United States Air Force.

Coordinates : 32 08’59.96 “N 110 50’09.03” W

3. Coca-Cola logo


The power of Coca-Cola has reached the desert of Arica in Chile, where they advertise their famous drink for all those who fly over the area.

The image was created in 1986 with 70,000 bottles and has a larger area than a football field. In 2011, 25 years later, the bottles were repaired and cleaned, commemorating the 125th anniversary of the brand.

Coordinates : -18.529211, -70.249941

4. Batman


The most famous batman of the big screen also has its space on a US military base in Okinawa (Japan).

It was painted in the 80s and everything indicates that the image is related to the squadrons that are housed there, known as the ‘vampire bats’.

Coordinates : 26.357896, 127.783809

5. Shipwrecked


In Basra, Iraq, they have turned a wrecked ship into a tourist attraction. Although it is unknown since when exactly it is there, everything indicates that it is a relatively recent sinking.

Coordinates : 30.541634, 47.825445

6. Marshlands of the Guadalquivir and rice fields


If you have seen the movie ‘The minimum island‘, you will know what we are talking about. The beauty of the marshes of the Guadalquivir river in Seville with the rice fields amazed the spectators of Alberto Rodríguez’s film, and it is not far behind as seen from the sky. Quite a sight to behold.

Coordinates : 37º43’24.70 “N 6º34’29.75” W

7. The poodle dog


Chance or not? The park that surrounds the Palace of Versailles in France has innumerable fountains and gardens, and a combination of both forms the face of the most famous dog in the country, the poodle (French Poodle).

Coordinates : 48 ° 48’20.96 “N 2 ° 7’5.08” E

8. Lion King


Don’t you dare with a real lion? In that case, it is best to ‘create’ one in the field. This is located in Dunstable (United Kingdom).

Coordinates : 51.848637, -0.55462

9. Lake with heart shape


Yes, it is a lake with a heart shape and you can find it in Columbia (Ohio, United States).

Coordinates : 41.303921, -81.901693

10. Lake Mickey Mouse


The thing goes from lakes, although this time, with the shape of the face of Disney’s most famous mouse, Mickey Mouse. It is in Florida (United States).

Coordinates : 28.396403, -81.578271

11. Artificial islands


Surely you’ve seen it before, but that does not stop being surprising. The three identical islands built on the sea in Dubai are a challenge to nature. 500,000 cubic meters of stones and sand shape these islands, only suitable for a lucky few.

Coordinates : 25 ° 7’2.64 “N, 55 ° 7’59.28” E

Watch These Amazing places in this below Video:

These are the 11 incredible places to see in Google Earth. Awesome isn’t it? I am really amazed after knowing these places. It would be nice if we have a chance to watch it directly. Hope to visit these places in the future.
Would you like to share any other amazing places in Google Earth with us? Then write them to us in the below comment section and we will include them in this article as soon as possible.
Which place do you like to visit? 

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