The 5 Best Wireless Bluetooth Mouse for Mac

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If you have come all the way looking for one of the best wireless Bluetooth mouse for Mac, then you are at the right place.

5 of the Best Wireless Bluetooth Mice for Mac for Bloggers and Creator

We know how essential it is to use a good mouse with our iMac, and how useful it is to have a wireless mouse linked to our MacBook through Bluetooth, that is why we made this selection, with a wide variety of options in terms of design, battery, efficiency and Features.

Best Wireless Bluetooth Mice for iMac and MacBook

If you have a MacBook you will surely be looking for a quality wireless mouse, small and easy to transport. Depending on what model of Mac you have, you may even forget the wireless receiver, as some of the best wireless mice are compatible with Bluetooth 4.0, and do not require an emitter.

If on the other hand, you have an iMac, you are likely to find a comfortable wireless mouse, designed to work many hours at a table. You need your “Mouse” to provide you with efficiency, battery life and besides, make it comfortable and nice, right?

Now we are going to show you the list of 5 best wireless Bluetooth mouse which can work for hours without any issues. Check out the list below.

List of Most used Wireless Mouse for iMac and MacBook

1. Apple Magic Mouse 2, Apple’s official wireless mouse

The top and best Wireless mouse for iMac or MacBook is Magic Mouse 2, official product from Apple Inc. This mouse is wireless based on Bluetooth technology. It is much easier to perform any office task. 

The Apple Magic Mouse 2 is rechargeable, lightweight and very easy to carry anywhere in a bag or backpack. Its dimensions are perfect, with a height of 2.16 cm and a width of 5.71 cm. Its price is between INR 4k – 6k. It is one of the best wireless mice for Mac (iMac and MacBook).

I personally recommend Apple Magic Mouse 2 as I am using it now for MacBook Pro. If you have any queries regarding Apple Magic Mouse, let me know through your comment sections. I will answer all your questions as soon as possible.

2. Logitech MX Master 2, the best wireless mouse for iMac

This mouse is among the best for a reason. It does not force us to connect a Bluetooth receiver and it is a multi device.

It is a real pass. If you have an iMac and a MacBook, you can connect the receiver to your iMac, and on the MacBook, sync via Bluetooth as you would with an Apple Magic Mouse. To switch between them simply press the buttons on the bottom.

3. Logitech MX Anywhere 2, the best wireless mouse for MacBook

The small brother of MX Master, and the best mouse for MacBook Pro, MacBook Air and MacBook 12 “. It gives us incredibly good accuracy on virtually any surface. Its range is really good, but in addition, it is very comfortable and small, perfect for travelling.

Its multifunction buttons and two-way scroll wheel, etc make it the perfect companion to take with us every day and one of the best wireless mice for Mac.

4. Microsoft Arc Torch Mouse, the thinnest and lightest mouse

Another Windows Mouse compatible with Mac and intentions to take the common to another level. This product is a clandestine style bet, which also adds personality and an efficiency, indicated mainly to avoid the problem of carpal tunnel.

With Surface 4 technology, this mouse uses the well-known wireless optical method for its operation. Its main power source is AAA batteries. The consumption is minimal, which generates a pleasant tranquillity of knowing that we will not be without it when we most need it. However, a daily use of the product will give a battery life of at least 3 weeks.

5. Razer Orochi, the best mouse for gaming on Mac

Nothing complements better with the design of a MacBook Air than a gamer mouse, and what better than a Razer Orochi to start. With an interesting black finish and a more than striking logo, the product is a shouting style. The design is ambidextrous with the possibility of exchange and rubber sides for better handling and grip. It is considered as a sporty Mac mouse, with an interesting acceleration of 50G and two hundred and ten inches per second.

The battery is your best looking, 7 months continuous feed for long gaming sessions and compact enough to be transported on travel, one of the best MacBook Air wireless mice currently on the market. 

These are the 5 best wireless Bluetooth mouses for Mac. I hope this article clears you to choose the best wireless mouse for your iMac or MacBook. If you still have any queries regarding the above list, let us know through the comment section below. We will get back to you to solve all your queries as soon as possible.
If you are using any of the mouse, share your review on the same to our readers. If you are using any other wireless Bluetooth mouse and if you think that it should be included in this list, then write them to us through our contact us page or you can write in the comments. We will review it and include in our article in the next update.

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