9 Magnificent Puzzling Questions Asked in a Job Interview Revealed

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CEOs of large companies love unusual questions when it comes to finding the best candidate.

How to Prepare for the Magnificent Puzzling Questions Asked in a Job Interview

These are the 9 most disconcerting questions they usually ask to measure the ingenuity and creativity of their future employees.


In most of the cases, job interviews are so predictable that it is easy for you to even carry the answers prepared in advance. Being asked about your worst qualities, what you can contribute to that company or where you see yourself in five years is so recurrent that no one can fail to respond.

9 Puzzling Questions Asked in a Job Interview

Instead, some companies opt for slightly strange interview questions that apparently have nothing to do with the work being offered. CEOs love them, and according to many of them, they are able to reveal how creative or quick a potential employee can be a member of the company.

These are the 9 most disconcerting questions asked in real job interviews that the Business Insider portal has cataloged.

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9. What are the qualities that you most admire and that you least like about your parents?

According to the CEO of the Iron Mountain company, this question is the best option to predict how someone is likely to behave in the weeks, months and years after their hiring. After all, people often adopt the qualities of their parents that they like and work hard to do the opposite of what they do not like.

8. Are you the smartest person you know?

This is a question that Oracle co-founder and former CEO Larry Ellison would have university recruiters ask recent college graduates. According to the CEO, he would only hire those who responded affirmatively to the question, continuing with the trajectory of the company to recruit brilliant people who challenge him to do a better job.

7. On a scale of 1 to 10, how lucky are you?

Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh always asks that question of his candidates. Although he confesses that there is not an adequate response, both extremes could put him in alarm. If you consider that you have very little luck, you can tend to hold the rest of your faults accountable. On the other hand, it can mean that if you do not know why good things happen to you, you do not have much confidence in you.

6. Tell me something that is true about almost no one is agreeing with you

PayPal co-founder Peter Thiel loves to ask this question because of the conversation he generates. “It somehow proves the originality of the thought, and to some extent, proves the courage to speak in a difficult interview context and answer something about what the recruiter might also disagree with.”

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5. How would you make money at an ice cream stand in Central Park?

Yasmin Green, head of research and development at the Alphabet technology incubator, Jigsaw, said he asks all candidates this question to test their creative thinking skills.

4. What was the last costume you put on?

This is one of the favourite questions of Warby Parker co-founder and co-CEO David Gilboa. For your company, not only you need the greatest technical skills, but one of your goals is to inject as much fun as possible into the job. This response helps reveal who would not fit well with the company’s philosophy.

3. Do something with this clip

With this baffling question, a senior marketing executive wanted to see how the candidates responded to such an unusual suggestion, and how creative they could be.

2. If you die that you would like them to write in your epitaph

With this question, a senior executive intended to intuit the career of the candidates. Her favourite answers were those that named professional achievements, beyond personal details such as a good mother or great husband.

1. What would you do in a zombie apocalypse?

All possible employees of the Capriotti Sandwich Shop chain must answer this question before being offered a job. The unexpected question is a test to see how candidates react to jobs under pressure, said CEO Ashley Morris. There is no correct answer, just check how they articulate a discourse and intuit the important things and their personality through their answers.

Now we know how to deal with a  puzzling question in a job interview. The best way to respond will be showing mental agility and large doses of originality. It is clear that creativity is a strong point of the great minds.

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