These are the 98 Facts that Facebook Knows About You

These are the 98 Facts that Facebook Knows About You

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There are a lot of things said about Mark Zuckerberg’s Social network Facebook and its privacy.

Do you really know what Facebook knows about you?

Data Privacy 101: These are the 98 Facts that Facebook Knows About You

To get rid of all these doubts, today I will reveal the 98 facts that Facebook knows about you.

A few months ago WhatsApp announced that it would share our data with Facebook to improve its publicity, as well as to deal with abuses, offenses, and unwanted messages in the messaging service.

Many users put the cry in the sky because they considered it as an invasion of their privacy, but the truth is that by accepting the conditions of the social network we are granting a series of permits to keep a series of personal information.

For what?

The answer is the same as always: advertising.

Do not forget that, although it does not cost us a cent to access the platform and use its service, Facebook trades with our data.

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In this way, the company provides useful and relevant advertisements in four different ways. First of all, follow your activity and the pages that you like, as well as the notices in which you click. It also takes into your device account and location settings, such as the brand of your smartphone or your type of Internet connection.

In the same way, while you are connected to Facebook, you can see other websites that you visit. Even when you have not logged in, you can know your tastes through your searches. And is that you notify the company each time you load a page with a “Like” or “Share” button, or a notice that has its source as a source. In addition, it provides advertisers with a piece of code called Facebook Pixel, which they (and by extension, Facebook) can use to find out who the users are using their platform.

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To make matters worse, the social network offers advertisers the option to address notices in accordance with data collected by firms such as Experian, Acxiom, and Epsilon, which historically have enhanced the lists of mail dissemination when collecting data from public and government reports, lists of consumers, surveys and private commercial sources (such as loyalty card histories or magazine subscriptions).

98 Facts that Facebook Knows About You

This information can also be used to draw more conclusions, such as the likelihood of that person becoming an investor or buying organic food for their children.

But, what are the 98 facts that Facebook knows about you?

We will show them to you as a list, so you have them in mind the next time you access the social network.

  1. Location
  2. Age
  3. Generation
  4. Gender
  5. Language
  6. Education level
  7. Study area
  8. School
  9. Ethnic affinity
  10. Income and equity
  11. Property and type of housing
  12. Value of housing
  13. Size of the house
  14. Square meters of housing
  15. Year in which the house was built
  16. Composition of the home
  17. Users in new relationships
  18. Your birthday and anniversary
  19. If you are far from your family or hometown
  20. Birthdays of friends, committed, friends who have recently moved
  21. Users in long-distance relationships
  22. Users with new jobs
  23. Recent couples
  24. Newly married users
  25. Users who have just moved
  26. Users with close birthdays
  27. Parents
  28. Parents waiting for a baby
  29. Mothers, divided by “type” (athletes, fashion, etc.)
  30. If they are likely to participate in politics
  31. Conservatives and liberals
  32. Status of your relationship
  33. Who do you work for
  34. Industry
  35. Job title
  36. Type of office
  37. Interests
  38. Motorcycle owners
  39. If you plan to buy a car (what type, brand, and when)
  40. If you bought car parts or accessories recently
  41. If you are prone to need car parts or services
  42. Style and brand of car you drive
  43. Year of purchase of the car
  44. Car age
  45. How much money you could spend on your next car
  46. Where the user is likely to buy another car
  47. How many employees does your company have?
  48. Owners of small businesses
  49. Users who work in management or are executives
  50. If you have donated to charity (divided by type)
  51. OS
  52. If you play on Facebook
  53. Owners of a video game console
  54. Creators of events on Facebook
  55. If you have made payments on Facebook
  56. If you spent more than average on Facebook
  57. Administrators of Facebook pages
  58. If you recently uploaded photos to Facebook
  59. Internet Navigator
  60. Email service
  61. Early or late adopters of technology
  62. Expatriates (divided by country from which they come)
  63. If you belong to a credit union, national or regional bank
  64. Investors (and type of investment)
  65. Number of credit lines
  66. If you have active credit cards
  67. Type of credit card
  68. Debit card users
  69. If you keep a fixed balance on your credit card
  70. Users who listen to the radio
  71. Preference for television programs
  72. Mobile device users (divided by brand)
  73. Type of Internet connection
  74. Users who have recently purchased a mobile device
  75. Users who access the Internet from a mobile device
  76. Users who use coupons or discounts
  77. Type of clothes you wear in your home
  78. Moment of the year when you make more purchases
  79. Frequent buyers of beer, wine, or spirits
  80. Users who buy groceries (and what kind)
  81. Users who buy beauty products
  82. Users who buy medicines
  83. Users who spend money on products for the home
  84. Users who spend money on products for children or pets
  85. Users who buy online
  86. Type of restaurants you frequent
  87. Type of store in which you buy
  88. Users “receptive” to offers
  89. How long did you live in your house?
  90. Users prone to move soon
  91. Interested in the Olympic Games, football, or Ramadan
  92. If you travel frequently (work or pleasure)
  93. If you travel to work
  94. Type of holidays you usually go to
  95. If you recently returned from a trip
  96. If you used a travel app
  97. If you have a timeshare
  98. If you have pets or children and you tend to spend a lot of money on them

These are all the 98 details of Facts that Facebook knows about you. It is always necessary to check the permission that we are giving to any social network.

I hope this article will help you to secure your information.

If you have any queries regarding the above list, let us know them in the below comment section and we will get back to you as soon as possible to solve all your queries.

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