How to Rank Higher on Amazon With Amazon PPC

How to Rank Higher on Amazon With Amazon PPC

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Amazon SEO or the A9 algorithm decides which products to rank on Amazon SERPs. It is responsible for deciding the most relevant products to display to customers according to their search terms. The A9 algorithm ranks products based on a number of factors such as relevance, conversion rate, customer satisfaction, sales order history, etc.

Amazon PPC is the best way to drive conversions and increase awareness for your brand and it also helps in increasing or improving your ranking on search results. Sellers must plan out their PPC strategies in such a way that they can be used to boost the organic ranking of products. Optimizing your listings with appropriate keywords, titles and descriptions is important to higher ranks but PPC campaigns also work towards this cause.

Ways to Rank Higher on Amazon With PPC

Here are some things you can do with PPC campaign optimization that can help with ranking higher on Amazon

Careful Analysis of Key PPC Metrics

Running a PPC campaign on Amazon throws light on various factors and helps you gain a better understanding of where you stand. It also shows you room for improvement on how to get your products to rank higher.

This is done by calculating and analyzing some of the following metrics that PPC possesses:

  • Clicks – refers to the number of clicks your had has received from shoppers
  • Impressions – refers to the number of times your ad was displayed.
  • Bounce rate – the number of times a customer clicks on your ad but leaves Amazon without making a purchase.

Some metrics related specifically to keywords that also matter are the following:

  • ACoS (Advertising Cost of Sale) – this is the ratio of the total amount spent on the ad to the total sales made
  • CTR (Click-through rate) – this is a ratio of the total number of clicks that the ad has received over the total sales
  • CPC (Cost per click) – the average amount the advertiser pays for every click that his ad receives.

A careful and consistent analysis of all these above-mentioned metrics will help you understand and achieve a higher Amazon ranking. For example, an ACoS of 30% for top-performing keywords and a conversion rate of anything higher than 10% is a guarantee that your products can rank high.

All your active PPC campaigns need to be analyzed regularly so that you can figure out how to keep an ideal ACoS and good conversion rate which in turn will boost your ranking.

PPC Boosts Sales Which Boosts Organic Ranking

Amazon ads are displayed based on their relevancy and they work towards increasing the sales of a product. Your product listings need to be optimized well with keywords as this helps with your PPC campaigns performing better. These ads help customers see your products and click on them to make purchases.

Naturally, the sales of your products increase and this increases the organic ranking of the product. PPC campaigns are instrumental in giving a powerful boost to sales and thus organic ranking.

With respect to new product launches, sellers often find it difficult for the product to gain momentum and generate a good amount of sales. Using PPC campaigns to promote those products works towards directing a good amount of traffic to their listings. This in turn generates a good sales history for it and thereby a positive organic ranking.

Expert Software for PPC Optimization and Higher Ranking

Optimizing your listings and your PPC campaigns go hand in hand. It might seem difficult to balance it all out and that is why you should have reliable tools to count on. Use SellerApp’s listing optimizer to make sure your listings tick all the boxes and have all the relevant keywords.

You can then use the Amazon PPC campaign management tools to advertise your those well-crafted listings. These expert PPC tools are guaranteed to drive traffic to your listings and increase your conversions which means your sales order history improves considerably. Thus, your ranking will also receive the boost that it needs thanks to these tools.

Brand Awareness and Ranking

While running Sponsored Brand ads on Amazon, target Branded keywords that have high search volume because this is known to boost the organic traffic to your listings. PPC is very useful in building brand image, awareness, and loyalty among customers. It facilitates displaying your brand for those search queries. This works towards enhancing brand image and reaching a more relevant audience who are guaranteed to buy your products. Thus this leads to an improvement in ranking.


One can get innovative with Amazon PPC and use it to achieve good results with many different aspects while selling on Amazon. Ranking within the first 3 pages on Amazon search results is very important if you want customers to actually find your product easily and make a purchase. PPC will help you improve the discoverability of your product, boost sales, and most importantly your ranking on Amazon SERPs.

Author’s Bio

Arishekar N

Arishekar N, the Head of Marketing at SellerApp, specializes in digital marketing, in addition to website keyword optimization for search engines. His areas of expertise include enhancing the organic ranking of web pages on search engines with innovative SEO strategies and online promotions.