How To Keep Your Android Phone Secure – Best Android Apps

How To Keep Your Android Phone Secure – Best Android Apps

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With the rapid usage of smartphones all over the world, there is a pretty much growth in the sales of different manufacturing firms.

Due to this, the number of threats is on the rise particularly for the Android platform. These days, people are using Android smartphones as they are much affordable and budget-friendly. But, because of the increasing threats, Android platform is no longer safe, driving many of them into unrecoverable issues. Security has become an essential factor for desktops, laptops and smartphones as well. As we store most of our confidential data on any of these electronic gadgets, providing security for the data in those devices is one of the troubling issues.
Devices like smartphones and tablets hold all sorts of data from your personal images, important emails, messages to your sensitive financial details. Due to an upsurge in mobile usage, the hackers have eventually turned their attention from normal PCs or desktops to the mobile platform. Hackers are now targeting smartphone users by cracking their private information and injecting malicious software. There is a potential threat for every smartphone user that includes spyware, phishing, ransomware, spams, botnets, banking malware, OS and software vulnerabilities.

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How to protect your Android device

Keep Your Android Phone Secure – Best Android Apps

Despite having a plenty of solutions to overcome the potential threats, you usually need to install multiple untrusted applications to your mobile devices. There is some safe and secure antivirus software to fix malware and other complex virus issues. These days, Android devices are manufactured with inbuilt apps to manage Android app permissions and some other device tracking applications in case your smartphone is lost or stolen. It consumes lots of space for installing all these apps that eventually slow downs your device. So, I have come up with one of the popular antivirus vendors, that is rendering protection for all the potential threats.

1. Anti-Virus Feature with 99.9% Detection Rate

Mobile security antivirus detects 99.9% of latest threats with the high protection and usability. Upon installing and registering an account, the app’s Anti-Virus feature offers various options to have the smartphone scanned periodically at different times that include:

  • At particular times, when you’re not using a phone, or
  • When you plugged in your smartphone for charging

Anti-Virus Feature with 99.9 percent Detection Rate
Further, you can find 3 different levels of scanning available in this software:

  • Quick Scan
  • Smart Scan
  • Deep Scan

You can choose to perform any of the options that you feel proper and suitable. If you pick Deep Scan, it scans every data and files available on your smartphone. ESET Mobile Security also allows to access scan logs quickly, and you can also have a glance at suspectable files or malware detected by the anti-virus. Besides this, the anti-virus feature also offers a series of advanced antivirus options, including detection of potentially unwanted or harmful applications and real-time protection.

2. Anti-Phishing and SMS/MMS/Call Blocker

These days, phishing emails, messages, and even contacts are quite common. Hackers or malicious attackers can trick you delivering over your delicate information of your accounts like banking, email or other social media accounts access to them. Hence, it has become imperative for everyone to have a focus on each and every email and message that we receive every day. However, it is not as obvious as it sounds. The anti-phishing feature offers an additional level of protection when you browse the web from your smartphone or tablet.
Anti-phishing and Call Blocker
Despite the app doesn’t support all browsers as of now, you can pick the one that is present on the list of supported browsers to navigate the web. Apart from all the other tools in this article, ESET Mobile Security also offers text messages (SMS), and multimedia messages (MMS) and phone calls blocking capabilities to Android smartphone users. This way you can easily opt to simply block calls and messages from all unknown numbers, or more interestingly, all or particular known numbers with options for both incoming and outgoing blocks.

3. Device Monitoring and Application Audit

While searching for a reliable mobile security solution, we overlook some of these features. There are many apps, including legitimate, request for unnecessary app permissions. Some of the apps on your mobile device can make phone calls, read your browsing history, contacts, SMS, photos and calendar, track your location and even share this information with third-party advertising companies without your knowledge. ESET Mobile Security app best suits for those who are more security conscious and are looking for a best security app that identifies which app is requesting what permissions.Device Monitoring and Application AuditESET Mobile Security offers ‘Application Audit’ feature to aid you to understand what permissions various apps installed on your smartphone or tablet ought. You can simply pick any app listed in the Application Audit interface, that eventually lands you to your smartphone’s settings menu, from where you can quickly restrain useless app permissions or even uninstall it. Apart from this, the app also offers ‘Device Monitoring’ feature that will help you notify any significant settings you haven’t set right that could compromise your security.

4. Anti-Theft (Remote Lock/Remote Wipe/Locate)

Imagine your feeling state of mind when your valuable and costly mobile device is lost or stolen. There are plenty of apps available out there that provide device recovery feature via GPS-based tracking, but most of the times these apps are incapable of locating the device. Even if an intruder gets access to the user’s device, it is easy for them to uninstall the tracking app.
Anti-Theft Remote Lock - Remote Wipe - LocateThis app is designed to help you track your lost or stolen device with much ease and password protects your app so that no one has the possibility to uninstall it, except you. You need to do the following:

  • Set a trusted SIM card within the app.
  • Provide a trusted number in case of emergency

If in case, your mobile is lost or stolen, you can then log into your ESET account at and track your devices through an easy-to-use web interface and ensure that all your data remains protected from unauthorized users. Once you list your device as ‘Missing‘ on the online portal, the location of your stolen or lost device will be displayed on a real-time map so that you can trace it easily. It displays a list of IP addresses that your lost device was connected to.

How to Protect your Smartphone?

  • ESET Anti-Theft feature allows you to send an SMS command from a trusted number to remotely lock or erase your smartphone data quickly, as well as ringing it in case it has been lost someplace nearby.
  • ESET Anti-Theft functionality renders a set of new features, like even if an unauthorized SIM card has been inserted in your stolen or lost smartphone, you can send remote commands to it.
  • Even if someone tries a wrong PIN or pattern on your smartphone, or insert an unauthorized SIM, your device will be able to take defensive steps on its own in an attempt to assure that your data remains protected.

These are the different Android apps for protecting your smartphone or tablet with its top-notch malware protection and the best security features. However, those looking for Advanced security and privacy protection on their smartphones should upgrade to a premium subscription, via in-app purchase. Hope this article guides you in the best way to keep your Android phone secure using the above-listed apps.