Best Apps to Save and Prolong Battery Android

Best Apps to Save and Prolong Battery Android

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Today in this article I am going to list out the Best apps to save and prolong the battery of Android smartphones.

The Best Apps that Can Save and Prolong Battery on Your Android Phone

Check out all the apps and use any one of them. If possible, give your reviews through comments after the usage of these Android battery saver apps.

Battery Saver

If you do not want any complications and what you need is an app to save battery on your Android device in a very simple way this has to be your choice.
It has no frills or with unnecessary adjustments, going straight to the point and displays information on two screens minimalist very clean and clear interface.
With it, you will have an icon in the notification bar with an indicator of the percentage of remaining battery with an accuracy of 1% of the total, as well as information on temperature, voltage, etc.

HD Battery

If none of the above applications has convinced you, we propose another very interesting alternative to increasing the battery life of your mobile phone or Android tablet, it is HD Battery.
This application works as a widget with information about the status of the battery of your device with information remaining time of loading and unloading, and consumption of certain applications: playing music, browsing the Internet, the time of calls, playing videos.

Easy Battery Saver

Easy Battery Saver is one of the best-rated apps for Android users to save battery life of your smartphone.
On the main screen displays the remaining battery percentage and how it is operational. It also tells you the time of battery life if we use talking, browsing, listening to music or playing video.
It has several sections so you can configure it in the best way, tutorials, consumer information, intelligently, etc
Another worthy app to belong to this select group of battery optimizes Android.

One Touch Battery Saver

A simple touch on One Touch Battery Saver does automatically begin to close unnecessary processes, disable WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS, backlight, ringtones, vibration, and timings, etc. In short, the phone goes into “panic” mode and saves battery. As the battery saving less delicate, arguably the Chuck Norris of battery optimizes Android.

2x Battery Saver

This app will increase the battery in your smartphone works by cutting the data connection whenever the screen of your smartphone is turned off but makes regular connections to update any incoming notifications such as email, social networks, etc.

Battery Defender – 1 Tap Saver

Battery Defender is a complete application to save battery on your Android smartphone. It automatically detects the items that are not in use and off to save battery. Also, you can turn off applications at certain times of day, to sleep peacefully and nobody will bother you. It also shows the percentage of battery that detracts from your Android smartphone on the popular Android notification bar. It also permits creating a whitelist of applications or processes that can not be closed. And those are just some of the profits of the Swiss Army knife of Android battery optimizers.


Greenify is another battery saver application for Android ‘s hottest. Not surprisingly, their optimization is very exhaustive and is presented as the best alternative for those who have their Android phone or tablet full of applications.
This app is easy to use, allows you to “hibernate” other apps when not in use, stopping their data consumption and battery.

Juice Defender

JuiceDefender is one of the best applications to enhance and extend the battery of your phone or tablet.
With the app  JuiceDefender, you’ll be able to get double the battery life of your Android. All this with just a few keystrokes on the screen of your smartphone.
For example, it offers the possibility to program your smartphone connections to the Internet at intervals. With this app you can easily manage Mobile Data, WiFi and CPU speed, you can keep power consumption under control for themselves extend the battery life of your device. Also, remember that the fewer loads lead to more battery life, since each charging, the battery deteriorates. JuiceDefender is very intuitive and easy to use application with several pre-installed profiles.
This is the list of Best apps to save and prolong the battery of Android Smartphones. So, if any other app which is best to you then let all our users know it in your comments.