Backlinking Strategies: How to Create Shareable Content

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Backlinks are a ranking factor that holds a lot of weight. In fact, the #1 Google result has an average of 3.8 times more backlinks than the rest of the pages on the first page. It goes without saying that link building should be a core part of your SEO strategy.

There are many link-building tactics, some less honorable than others. One sure-fire way to get excellent quality backlinks organically is to create shareable content.

So, how do you create the kind of content that high-authority sites will want to link to? Keep reading to find out.

Put Effort Into Headlines

Titles are the hook for your content. You can’t hope to create shareable content without an attention-grabbing headline. In fact, killer headlines are one of the number one reasons that pieces of content go viral.

So, how do you create a share-worthy headline? There are plenty of formulas to create good titles. A few important things to include are elements such as powerful verbs, a promise, or words that strike an emotional chord.

Create Content That’s Authoritative

Shareable content isn’t just about following trends. Your content writing is one of the most powerful link building strategies for SEO — if you do it right.

If you’re hoping to snag backlinks, you need to ensure that your page is unique and authoritative. This means writing about stuff you actually know about — and have the authority to write about.

You can also add in expert insights from external experts and an author bio that reiterates your authority on the subject.

When you create a unique and fresh piece of content, others will use it to boost their own authority on the same subject matter. This wins you plenty of good-quality backlinks.

Lists, Lists, Lists

The most shared content today is mostly long-form listicles, such as ’21 Superfoods You Should be Eating.’ Users like this sort of content because it’s easy to digest and scan.

So, to acquire backlinks, your content strategy should include some competitive listicles based on thorough keyword research.

Ensure that your list is comprehensive, answers questions, or solves problems. Always use a number in your heading.

Add Visuals

To improve your backlink strategy with shareable content, you need to make it visual. Using stock images or repeating visuals throughout your content plan is not going to cut it.

You need to source highbrow visuals and infographics, and all the better if they’re completely original. Making your content visual will boost engagement and create a better user experience.

What’s more, graphics are essential for more technical subjects to help users understand the topic better. All of this lends to the uniqueness and authority of your content.

Get Started Creating Shareable Content

You’ve got all the knowledge you need to create incredible, shareable content. What are you waiting for? Start creating a killer content plan and winning organic backlinks from high-authority sites.

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