The Best Apps to Delete Junk Files from Your Android Phone

Remove Junk From Android
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It is a very common thing to see how many users end up with the storage space available on their Android phone is completely full. 

The Best Apps Where You Can Delete Junk Files from Your Android Phones

This means that every time you want to install a new application or save more photos, you have to delete other ones that are no longer used. 

And is that many applications that we usually install on our mobiles, do not allow us to move them to the memory card, so we have no choice but to uninstall others or delete content to recover free space. 

However, there are many other files stored in the mobile memory that we can remove to free up space. Here are some of the best apps to delete junk files from your Android phone and increase your Mobile storage space.

When we uninstall certain applications, there are files that are left residually in the phone memory, in addition, other cache files or junk files are taking up space unnecessarily.

In addition, certain applications allow us to move or install them directly on the memory card, which also helps to recover that internal storage space in the mobile that we need so much.

Let us see all the apps which help us to delete all the unwanted files from your Android device and frees the space in it.

AMC Security

This is an app that we can get from the Google Play Store and allows us to delete files we do not need, as well as clear the cache of our Android phone.

But the thing is that it does not stay there since AMC Security also has other interesting functions such as being able to end applications in the background, block calls and SMS from certain contacts, uninstall batch applications or delete obsolete APK files that still reside in the memory of the mobile.

Clean Master Lite

Along with AMC Security, Clean Master Lite is another of the most popular apps to remove junk or residual files from your Android mobile. 

A simple touch to scan our device and Clean Master Lite goes to work to find all the junk files that we have stored in the mobile, residual files we do not need, obsolete APK, cache files, etc.

But it also includes a number of other interesting features such as antivirus, battery saving options, or a feature that promises to increase WhatsApp performance.

Speed Booster

Another very useful application to remove all unnecessary files in our mobile and recover as much space as possible for internal storage is Speed Booster. 

Like the other applications mentioned above, Speed Booster helps us to delete mobile junk files, applications that run in the background during the cleaning process, clear cache, obsolete APKs, etc.

In addition, the application is in charge of reminding us that we have to clean all these types of unnecessary files from our smartphone from time to time, or even it is possible to set a frequency to delete all these unwanted files.

These are the three best apps to delete all the unwanted and junk files from an Android device or smartphone and recovers as much space as possible for internal storage.

I hope this article will help you to solve issues with your Android Junk files. If you have any queries, let us know in the below comment section and we will get back to you as soon as possible to solve all your questions.

If you use any other best app than these or if you are already using any of the above apps, share them in the comment box with all our readers.

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Which app do you use to delete junk or unwanted files from your Android Smartphone?