Best Mac Apps for Small Business Owners

Best Mac Apps for Small Business Owners

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Small business apps can enable you to run a startup, side hustle, or company more efficiently. The correct and faster working of macOS requires constant updating of the operating system.

Best Mac Apps for Small Business Owners

Winning customers and working with clients and colleagues needs appropriate apps and technology. Find the ways to clean install new macOS Monterey and learn about the best apps to consider as a small business owner.


As an entrepreneur with freelance co-workers, colleagues, and clients, you may need to transfer files or collaborate with people outside the business. Dropbox file sharing app is an excellent collaboration tool for your business.

Dropbox becomes more effective when integrated with other apps such as Office 365, Google Drive, or Evernote. It is an ideal package for businesses or teams that collaborate and share files across different operating systems and devices.


One of the most common startup pitfalls is the failure to network with larger inline audiences. Instagram is a suitable networking app. Clients love Instagram for scrolling and posting pictures of various things like holidays, clothes, shoes, and food, making it good for businesses with virtual preferences.

For Instagram, there are various iOS apps designed to improve the quality and experiences of images in iPhones. One of the best mac apps that helps to create great experiences for desktop users is Flume.

This app simplifies the process of editing and publishing high-quality content to make your business get noticed.


Evernote is one of the most widely used iOS app and Mac apps for professionals and small businesses. This app has millions of users worldwide. It can make it easier for you to take notes, collaborate with your teams and save important information.

.Evernote can enable you to save videos, files, audio notes and it has a powerful functionality on all devices. It has a web clipper to simplify the filing of screenshots, inspirations, websites, and emails.

When you screenshot with Evernote, various tools pop up to allow for commenting, drawing, and scribbling of important information.

Billings Pro

Billings Pro can allow you to keep an eye on cash flow and invoices, thereby helping to track your company’s financial performance. You can develop proposals and convert them into invoices to ensure timely processing of the same. Billings Pro offers templates for different kinds of businesses.

Billings Pro features a time tracker and quick estimate creator, making it suitable for freelancers and small businesses that bill on shorter intervals. You can create good-looking and easy-to-understand invoices by choosing a template and adding expense slips and time.

With this app, it is easier to send invoices anywhere on your iPhone, iPad, and Mac.


Many people, including entrepreneurs and business owners, use weak and simple passwords, increasing the vulnerability of their data and information. With increases cases of cybercrimes, it is important to institute checks and measures such as having strong passwords to protect your system.

Professionals need to remember so many passwords and this makes them vulnerable if they use weak passwords. 1Passoword is an excellent password manager to offer a more secure and better solution.

It features a password generator that remembers all the passwords saved and you can download Android and iOS versions to protect your mobile devices.


Slack is one of the commonly used apps to enhance everyday communications among teams. You can use Slack for file sharing, screen sharing, messaging and collaboration, to boost productivity using the channels. It is more effective and easier to use since it is less cluttered than email.

With Slack, it is easier to create a flexible work schedule and decide on how, where, and when to work. You can also manage notifications, collaborate with teams in real-time, and obtain answers during conversations in your business.


Hiveage is an excellent invoicing tool and a great piece for your small business. Since it is cloud-based, it requires minimal initial capital outlay and can be used in different devices.

Hiveage features various tools for billing automation and offers PayPal integration. The major advantages of this app include:

  • It is available for free
  • It includes a powerful time tracker
  • Since it is cloud-based, it enhances the security of sharing.
  • It simplifies the process of creating reports
  • It makes small business financial management processes easier.
  • It enhances the timeliness of invoices, quotations, and payment receipts.

PDF Element for Business

Many documents such as purchase orders, invoices, and receipts are used in the form of PDFs. PDFelement for business is great Mac small business software since it offers a way to develop and manage PDFs centrally.

This app was designed within the concept of developing, sharing, and editing PDF files and it does an excellent job. PDFelement for business has a user-friendly interface, allows for editing images and text, and has great OCR features.

Moon Invoice

As the name suggests, Moon Invoice is good for Invoicing and integrates iPhone and other iOS devices with other apps. One of the most powerful features of Moon Invoice is the iCloud Sync which updates documents on any device you may be using.

Moon Invoice simplifies the process of creating and tracking invoices and it comes with flexible payment options. However, the app’s free version is limiting and so you can outgrow it fast.

Cognito Software MoneyWorks Gold 7

MoneyWorks is one of the best apps for small businesses. This app can take care of your business growth needs, especially in the accounting department and it can support many users effectively. It has a smooth learning curve and is user-friendly with excellence in file sharing.

MoneyWorks has features and simplicity you need and is flexible in terms of functionalities. It allows you to get larger business capabilities at an affordable price. However, you will be required to manage every user individually, which can be cumbersome as your business grows.


Daylight is powerful customer relationship management (CRM) software for small business users. You need to start using CRMs when there are issues with client relationships or when sales leads and clients become chaotic to manage.

Daylite can replace the traditional spreadsheet or Excel. It reduces stress by allowing you to stay connected with your clients and to understand the details of client relationships.

Therefore, it builds better relationships by tracking communication to keep you updated no matter how big your business grows.

Daylite keeps track of notes, emails, and calls, thereby helping to build trust and making clients feel special. It is also easier to narrow down the contact list to identify clients in a specific niche and identify the best ways to target them.

Daylite simplifies the process of customizing and updating the customized list to make it easier to reach out to the target audience.


With the appropriate apps, you can perform the essential business activities and boost relationships with your audience. Simplify your work by finding apps that deal with productivity issues and create growth opportunities.

Simplify your work by finding apps that deal with productivity issues and create growth opportunities.


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