3 Ways on How to Upload Photos to Instagram from Your PC

3 Ways on How to Upload Photos to Instagram from Your PC

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Instagram is a social network designed for use on our smartphones and tablets. However, many users would like to upload photos directly to Instagram from their computers. It can seem like a daunting task if you don’t like using third-party apps, but, don’t worry, because in this article, we’re going to show you how to upload photos from our PCs to Instagram without using any additional apps. 

What if we do not want to register accounts on third-party apps or put our privacy at risk just to upload photos to Instagram from our computers?

Fortunately, there is a way to use the official Android Instagram app on Windows, GNU/Linux, or Mac OS X computers with these simple tricks. Continue reading to learn more!

3 Ways on How to Upload Photos to Instagram from Your PC without Download 

Here, I am going to explain different methods for uploading photos to Instagram from your computer, with credit to the official Instagram website.

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Method 1: Upload photos to Instagram with ARC Welder – Post to Instagram from Your PC

It is possible to upload pictures to Instagram from our PC or laptop by installing it directly on Chrome with ARC Welder.

Installing Instagram on Chrome with ARC Welder

Step 1:

The first step in the process to install Instagram on your PC is obviously to just download it. To do this, we will enter our Instagram profile info into APKMirror and download the latest official version of the application on our computer. We will use that .apk file later with Chrome.

Step 2:

It does not work for everyone, but there are many official Android applications that you can try on your computer thanks to ARC Welder. All you need to do is open the Chrome browser and download the web app from the Chrome Web Store. Once this is done, you will just have to open it and give it the  Add your APK option.

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Step 3:

Then, ARC Welder will ask us how you want to run your application. You can select the size option, whether you want the maximum possible, portrait, vertical, or any other option—whichever is comfortable for you. Once all your settings are solidified, click on Launch App.

Step 4:

Thats it! This way, you can get the Instagram app for Android without any version limitations for the web or desktop. In addition to this, Instagram will appear as a standalone app so that you do not need to open Chrome every time you want to run Instagram. It will automatically appear in the list of active applications on your computer.

Upload photos to Instagram via ARC welder:

  • If you have ever used the Instagram app, you should know how to move through it and use the feature for posting photos from the camera or gallery.
  • To do this, you only have to click on the Gallery option on the top left and choose Other. This will bring up the Gallery options. Next, choose Open File, and it will open the file explorer of our PC so that we can find the photo we want to upload to our Instagram.
  • From there, you will be able to see the other options perfectly. You can use all the options available on Instagram to edit and apply filters to photos. At the time of posting, the menu and the other options will work exactly the same as in the official Android app.

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Method 2: Changing User-Agent Mode in Google Chrome, Firefox, and Safari – Post to Instagram from Your PC

Here is a trick that allows us to upload photos to Instagram with the computer without having to install any apps or use our phones.

Unfortunately, not everything is as beautiful as it sounds since this option is only available for iPad. So, if you are an iPad user, this should be a great opportunity to use Instagram on your device. 

The good thing is that thanks to this addition, we can access this option from the computer. We just have to make our browser “pretend” to be that of an iPad. We can do this by changing the user agent!

Installing an extension in Chrome, Firefox and Safari Default settings

Step 1: Install an extension to change the user agent

There are many extensions you can use to change your user agent in almost all browsers.

  • For Chrome, User-Agent Switcher
  • For Firefox, User-Agent Switcher
  • In the Safari browser, this functionality is integrated into the development. 

Here, you can change the user agent to iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad.

Step 2: Switch your browser to iPad

Enter instagram.com. Next, click on the Extension button and in the iOS section click on iPad.

Step 3: Upload photos to Instagram now

Reload the page, and you’ll see the changes in the appearance of the browser. Now, there is a bar where you will find access to different functions of Instagram, including the one for uploading photos.

The one bad thing about this method is that you’ll have to return to the default agent when you finish uploading the pictures if you don’t want other pages using the mobile version.

Also, this method does not work for everyone. Apparently, the functionality is gradually being implemented for users. So, if this method does not work for you, I recommend to use one of the other methods or wait for some time until this method is available to you.

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Method 3: Using the mobile version of Instagram from computer

With this quick method, you can publish photos to Instagram from Chrome for Windows, Linux, or Mac.

Recently, Instagram’s mobile website added support for uploading and sharing photos from computers. Because of this, we can take advantage of Chrome’s programmer options to “fool” the page and make it think that we’re using a smartphone.

Steps to upload photos from our Computer to Instagram

Step 1:

Open Instagram.com from Chrome and make sure you’re signed in.

Step 2:

Press CTRL + SHIFT + I on Windows and Cmd + Alt + I on macOS to open the developer tools. To open development tools, right click and click on Inspect. Then, the development tools will appear on the screen. 

Step 3:

Now, press CTRL + SHIFT + M on Windows and Cmd + Shift + M on macOS to switch to Instagram’s mobile view, with access to the camera button to upload photos.

Step 4:

Do not close the development tools until photos are uploaded and publishing is finished. If you close it, you will automatically return to the desktop version and you will lose the option to upload photos.

Now, you just have to choose any image that you have stored on the computer by clicking on the camera icon as if it were the mobile app. And of course, you will not have access to filters or editing tools. You can only upload and publish photos.

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That’s all on uploading photos to Instagram from your computer. Easy enough, right?

I hope this article made your lives a bit easier when it comes to uploading Instagram photos. If you are facing any difficulties while applying any of the methods, let us know in the comments below. We will answer all your questions as soon as possible.

Which method do you use to upload photos to Instagram from your computer?