Best WordPress Plugins To Stop Spam Comments On Your Blog

Best WordPress Plugins To Stop Spam Comments On Your Blog

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Best WordPress Plugins To Stop Spam Comments On Your Blog: If you have ever had a WordPress Blog, for any amount of time, you have probably come up against comment spam and What Comment Spam is.

Best WordPress Plugins To Install and Stop Spam Comments On Your Blog

When you make a blog post and you have open comments where someone can comment on your blog post. It is going to get hit and it is going to get slammed by spammers comment. Spammers and these are just some short-sighted people that think, it’s going to benefit their SEO or maybe they are trying to market something in mass.

Best WordPress Plugins To Stop Spam Comments On Your Blog

It’s just, it’s a mess now, you come across. We guess the reason they do it is that there’s a lot of people that don’t maintain their WordPress websites. When they put them up and it just starts to get all this spam in there. We have tried a lot of ways of getting rid of that comment spam and over the years and for the last month and a half especially, we have been using a new plugin that is new to us and it is eliminated all of it. We mean, in the past, we try something and it would get rid of most of it.

But, not all of it and then over time, we would get more and more spam as these spammers figured out ways around it. So, and this is such a big problem that by default when you install WordPress, the WordPress organization owns a comment spam service. That they put the plugin on all default WordPress installations. Now, the price, it’s called Akismet. Now the problem with Akismet is you will find that it’s going to put legitimate comments into its spam folders and those comments, you won’t even make it on your blog, that you would want.

So, anyway, let’s walk you through what we are using right now. If you want to install it on your blog, you would go to Plugins and then click on Add New and we will give you the name of it. It’s WP-Spam Shield. Now we are currently using this and it wiped all of our spam out. We got rid of all the other things. We were using and this just deleted all the spam comments.

Go ahead and type WP spam Shield and you are going to see it right here on the top. Now, it’s currently only used on over a hundred thousand websites, that’s pretty good for a plugin to be over a hundred thousand active installations. Click on the Install Now button. This is what is currently being used on the websites and our website makes up one of these. So, anyway, let’s go ahead and just click on Install Now. And, we have bee using this by the way for the last two months and we have gotten any complaints. After Installing this, until date, we have not got any spam and we have got plenty of legitimate comments. So, we think it’s pretty much solved our problem.

So, go ahead and click on Activate Plugin. In the settings section of your WordPress blog, now you will have a new option of WP-Spam Shield. Now, we are going to tell you that you don’t need to tweak them at all. We didn’t look at the settings, but we didn’t change anything. There is a couple of things to note right here. If you are curious, if it’s blocking legitimate comments, you can check this box and it will keep a log of what is blocked. So, you can just verify it. And, there are all kinds of things, there’s a blacklist, a whitelist.

All this kind of stuff here, but you know, what you don’t even need to tweak any of these settings, because it’s just going to work good, right off the bat. Now, when you go into the settings page, there’s a section here that says – discussion. Go there now, these are default comment settings that are in WordPress so currently for us, we have some of these things checked. Where it says – Email us whenever these are going to be your notifications, your email notifications you get from your WordPress website. When someone leaves a comment, you can decide if you want to be notified and right here, you can check comment.

It must be manually proved. We usually have that checked and we don’t have that check. because, we are worried, that it’s going to be spam and we have that check because we want to be notified when someone leaves a comment. So that we can reply to that comment, in moderation. We are going to probably forget to give a response to Whoever leaves a comment and if you have not been to our website, you will look if you leave a comment and you are going to get a response from us because we want to build a community around our websites.Best WordPress Plugins To Stop Spam Comments On Your Blog

So, you are going to have that there. So, we usually have that there. So, what we know, what we need to put a response in. But, these are your pretty much basic comment settings. So, anyways, This is another plugin that we think that WordPress that kind of happened by default, more advanced, spam filters to prevent this comment spam. We get a little finicky sometimes if we are getting emails.

And, you know, for first like for instance, when we were getting spam and email notifications, those email notifications over time start to irritate us. Even after reading this in-depth guide related to Best WordPress Plugins To Stop Spam Comments On Your Blog, still, if you have any questions on Best WordPress Plugins To Stop Spam Comments On Your Blog, please make sure to let us know in the comment box below.

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