How To Create Quality Backlinks To Your WordPress Website

How To Create Quality Backlinks To Your WordPress Website

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How To Create Quality Backlinks To Your WordPress Website: How to get backlinks fast? This question has been revolving in the minds of bloggers for years.

Ways on How To Create Some Quality Backlinks To Your WordPress Website

But no definite answer until you’ve read this guide. But, in this article, we will share with you, our favorite five ways to get high-quality backlinks to your blog or website instead of you chasing other websites for links. Let those links come to you, we are going to show you how to have backlink opportunities getting emailed into your inbox every single day. Before we talk about how to get backlinks.

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How To Create Quality Backlinks To Your WordPress Website

Let’s stop for a second, why you need backlinks. So, backlinks are necessary if you want to get traffic to your blog or your website Google Search Engine Traffic. It is a very powerful source of getting traffic. However just putting out content, out there is not enough, you need backlinks. It’s the number one factor for Google’s decisions. To rank your page for a particular search term, we want to share something with you.

They recently did an analysis, they data-mined 1 million Google Search Engine Results and the number one factor as you can see here the number one factor that influences the ranking of pages is backlinks. It says, “backlinks remain an extremely important Google ranking factor with down the number of domains linking to a page correlated with rankings more than any another factor. So, this is the number one thing when a visitors types in.” He or She may type – funny dog photos or how to make money online or best laptop under 1000.

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If you want your page to come up on page 1 for Google Search Engine Traffic. You need backlinks pointing back to your website. So, that out of the way, we want to show you a way for several ways to get free high-quality backlinks to your blog or your website and you won’t have to pay anything for it. So, the first website that we want to share with you is HARO. It also stands for Help A Reporter Out and it is 100% free. The way that it works is you can register for HARO. Let us just move over and share that website with you. So, if you just, they have been helped at the reporter, or you can type in HARO into Google and you will find this website.

Now, you can register as a source. And, it’s a website that connects journalists with business owners and journalists often look for stories when they are creating stories. They want to feature certain people, credibility to their stories. So, they might be writing a story about the West’s mistakes, a small business owner or it might make or they might be writing a story about some kind of medical conditions or something else. They will be looking for people to quote.

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And, you can sign up as a source. So, you can click – ‘I’m a source’ and then you can register with the help a reporter. And, after you have registered, you will just need to monitor your inbox. Here is an example of an email that you would get from HARO on a particular day.

We wanted to give you an example of how simple some of these queries are. Here is one that says – how did you choose the name for your business and if you scroll down, you will see that it says – entrepreneurs – how did you choose the domain name for the business. Did you go by what is available, did you come up with the company name first. So, the requirements are please include any tips you can think of. We will format and send over for your review.

Before publishing, include links to your website, preferably image media accounts, so what will happen is you can submit your contribution to this. The person who is writing this journalism piece and if they like your contribution, that will include a reference to you. They will feature it as a story here. This is how 20 entrepreneurs choose the Domains for their business.

And, they will link back to your website and often these are extremely high domain authority websites. So, this one is in me, which is a large authority website in the domain space. And this happens daily. There are so many emails out there, that contain things that you can reply to. It’s incredible not just in the business niche, they also happen in various other niches.

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So, we highly recommend that you sign up that you go assert the challenge and just submit as many of these pitches as possible. It will give you the biggest opportunity and the biggest change of actually getting links from these high-authority websites. So, highly recommend that you check out HARO and proceed with the next step of the link building. The next free resource for Link Building is Source Bottle. It is just like HARO, but a little bit different.How To Create Quality Backlinks

These links will effectively make an impact on your website. These people will be sending you emails asking you to contribute. So that they can link back to you. So, let’s talk about the next website and it is called Source Bottle. So Source bottle is also a free website and as you can see the way this works is quite simple. Even after reading this in-depth guide related to How To Create Quality Backlinks To Your WordPress Website, still, if you have any questions or problems regarding How To Create Quality Backlinks To Your WordPress Website, please make sure to let us know in the comment box below.

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