10 In-Car Accessories For Your EV

10 In-Car Accessories For Your EV

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New to the EV world? A hearty welcome to this greener way of driving– we hope you are excited to be pioneering the future of environmentally-friendly driving in your electric vehicle.

To get you started in your smoother, cleaner, and quieter whip, we have compiled a list of the ten in-car accessories you should invest in for your electric vehicle. Without further ado, let’s get started!

Who Needs Accessories?

Of course, you could drive along pretty successfully without the need for any of the following accessories. However, that’s unlikely, and why risk it? It’s always better to be safe than sorry, so it is definitely worth keeping some of the following items stowed in your car in case there’s ever a need for them.

Electric Charger

It is a sensible idea to keep a spare charger in the car for the times when you are stopped during a long journey and need to load up your battery. Whilst most motorway service stations now have EV charging stations, it is still wise to stow one somewhere in the car – preferably out of the way of passengers to keep it in good condition.

If you weren’t already aware, there are four types of charging cables. These are Mode 1, Mode 2, Mode 3, and Mode 4 charging cables. The latter charger cannot be purchased, as it is attached to the fast charge stations found in motorway service stations.

Mode 3 chargers are those that come standard with your EV. You can use these when connecting both to public and home charging stations. Mode 2 cables do not come with every electric car; they must be purchased separately. These chargers enable you to charge your EV via a regular household socket.

Though charging with this source takes longer (typically at 2.3 kW), it is a great solution if you want to leave it to charge overnight. A Mode 1 cable is the extension cable as you know it at home.

In-Car Phone Charger

Not that this item is necessarily specific to EVs, but an in-car phone charger is pretty essential. This is especially true if you need to locate a public EV charging station and your phone is also in need of some juice. Having a fully-charged phone will be vital for locating local chargers via an electric car charging app on your smartphone.

Universal Phone Holder

Too often, people place their phones on the passenger seat or in any cubby hole the car has to offer and gamble seconds away from looking at the road to skip songs or check directions. 

Whilst you may initially feel like an Uber driver, it’s a much better idea to have your phone attached to your windscreen so that you’re always looking where you need to.

Electric Car Blanket

Who needs to splash the cash on heated seats? With an electric car blanket, you’ll always be able to keep warm and toasty if you need to – simply plug the blanket into the charging port in the dash and begin warming up! That way, if you’re waiting for your car to charge in the middle of nowhere at nighttime, you can sit under the comfort of a warm blanket.

Electric Car Spare Tire

In theory, you can use standard car tyres on your EV; but there’s a reason why EVs have their own wheels specifically designed to be used for this type of vehicle. Though they’re a bit more money, electric car tires can help extend the range of your vehicle, making them well worth the investment.

Spare Charging Cable

Suppose your charger doesn’t work and there isn’t a public charger nearby. This is where you’ll be grateful for having kept a spare charging cable in your vehicle. It is wise to keep a spare cable handy that is made from heat-resistant materials, so it doesn’t overheat.

Extension Cord

What happens when your charging cord can’t reach the outlet? If this happens and you can’t get closer to the outlet, you’ll be glad for the extension cord you’ve kept in your car. When choosing an extension cord, take caution — it needs to be able to hold a charge and be safe to plug in. In other words, it should not electrocute you when connecting it to your car.


As we covered earlier, EVs have different plugs. This may call for the use of an adaptor to convert whatever plug head you have to the one you need. A popular adaptor is a type that allows a Type 1 car connector to be connected to a Type 2 plug in a charging station. However, there are, of course, various other configurations possible.

An EV Jack

It is always a safe bet to keep an EV jack ready in your car in the dreaded scenario that you need to replace a tire. The jack will be geared for lifting an electric vehicle off the ground, meaning you may be able to get to your desired destination without having to wait for roadside assistance to come and get the car.

An EV Sticker

Though it is probably lower on the agenda and not exactly an in-car essential, gifting yourself or a loved one an EV sticker could be a nice gesture if you or they have recently gone electric. With dozens of designs available, your EV sticker may just be the thing that inspires other drivers to go electric, too!

Final Thoughts

We hope we have provided some inspiration on what to buy to deck out your EV with all the best kits and make your drive that bit smoother.