WebP Images to JPG/PNG: Learn the Trick for Fast Conversion

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WebP is an image format developed by Google that allows you to save an image in a lossless format. Google has come to claim that an image in WebP format can be up to 35% smaller than its equivalent image in the most popular formats such as JPG or PNG. 

Tips and Step-by-step Guide When Converting WebP images to JPEG or PNG

In this way, the giant search engine believes that this format of images is more efficient and helps that in a decrease of load speed and therefore of navigation, increase considerably. More so, given a large number of images that are displayed on most modern web pages.

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However, some image editors and even web browsers, still do not support this form of WebP image, hence we will show how to convert WebP images to JPG or PNG with a fairly simple trick. Specifically, let us see how to convert WebP images to JPG or PNG from the Google Chrome browser or Opera, without any other software facilities.

Trick to Convert WebP images to JPG or PNG

Here we will discuss the step by step process to convert any WebP images to JPG or PNG without using any software or online tools. To do this follow the steps as follows.

Steps to convert Google’s WebP images to JPG/PNG

    • Firstly open any of these two browsers, that is Google Chrome or Opera browser.
    • Next, visit the site that has WebP images.
    • Once you are there, give a right click and select the option Open image in a new tab.
    • Once the image is displayed in a new tab, go to the end of the URL that is in the address bar and there you can see the URL ends with -rw characters.
    • Now, remove those characters (“-rw”) and click enter to reload the image.
    • Once you have reloaded the page, you can see that the image is loaded in an original format, you can check it by clicking on the image itself.
    • Now, give a right click and select save as option, as you regularly do to save images to your computer.
    • Like this, you can save WebP image as JPG or PNG to any location on your hard drive.
  • Once you have converted the WebP image to JPG or PNG, you can open it in other browsers and edit it from any image editing tool, since those two formats are supported by all of the tools without any problem.

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I hope this article helps you to convert any of Google’s WebP images to JPG or PNG formats without using any software or online tools. If you are facing any issues while applying the above method, let us know in the below comment section. We will get back to you to solve all your queries as soon as possible.

Would you like to add any other tricks to this article? Then write them in the comment box and we will review it and include in this article in the next update.
Which method do you use to convert WebP images to JPG or PNG formats?