10 Methods to Convert Pdf to Word Docs Online by Using Softwares

10 Methods to Convert Pdf to Word Docs Online by Using Softwares

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Today on All Top 9 we are going to list the Top 10 PDF to Word Doc Converter Software. These are available for free in online. Now, I am going to list all those best PDF to Word Doc Converter Software together.

Make use of it and every site gives good outputs in converting from PDF to Word Doc. Now you can get info about  Best 10 Simple Methods to Convert Pdf to Word Docs Online and with Software.

UniPDF-Free PDF to Word Doc Converter for Windows

UniPDF is a free pdf to word converter, and it is a desktop software runs on windows (supports from win xp), it has some other features like we can convert Pdf to Image (JPEG), pdf to text, Pdf to html etc and as far as we tried, there are no lags in images, so we are preferring it in our top 10 lists as first, please make sure to remember the output destination folder and also the name of converted file.


Pdftoword.com is powered by Nitro, it has a free version and also a premium version, we can try to convert pdf to word in online or by using the software (trail for 14 days is available) offline, I prefer the online, as it’s easy and more convenient, we can just upload the doc, and give our mail id, and have to press convert, that’s it, and based on our file size and no. of images in the document, the process takes some time, and as soon as it gets converted, it will be in our mail which we can forward or download to our pc


pdfonline.com has the ability to convert pdf to word or doc to pdf, both online or by using software (trial), this is also similar to Unipdf software, we tested a sample pdf file to convert to doc, and it took around 52 seconds, and there is no need to give email id, as you can directly download the converted file as soon as the file gets converted


freepdfconvert..com has some special features, it’s UI is very neat. and it is divided in the form of tabs, in the first tab, you can convert pdf to doc.docx,rtf. in the second tab you can convert pdf to excel, like wise pdf to power point, pdf to image etc, in all the tabs, make sure you give the correct extension which you want the file to get converted and freepdfconvert.com requires email id, so it can deliver the converted file to you by mail.


Pdftoword.org is an online site to convert pdftoword and there is no special software provided by this site, but it has the ability to convert  PDF to WORD, PDF to IMAGE, PDF to TEXT, PDF to HTML. WORD to PDF, POWERPOINT to PDF, EXCEL to PDF.TEXT to PDF, simple interface, just upload the file, fill ur email id and press convert, that’s it!


convertpdftoword.net provides both online and software to convert pdf to word, and it also provides to convert the file to different extensions like  .doc, .docx, .rtf, .txt, .xls, .xps, .html etc, we don’t need to input our email id, just upload the file, click on “convert and download”. that’s it!


Verypdf.com provides both online and offline way to convert the pdf file to doc, you can upload the local file from your desktop or you can simply paste the url of the pdf file, and can convert it to desired format (.doc,docx), it has a software for desktop too, but it’s also a trail version, like the other pdf to doc converting softwares (file size is 10MB)


convertonlinefree.com is able to convert to pdf to doc upto a file size of 30MB, it has some other special features like: WORD to PDF, Other documents to PDF, Image to PDF, PDF to TXT, PDF to WORD, PDF to JPG, DJVU to PDF, etc, it has simple UI, you don’t need to enter your email too, just upload the file and select the desired conversion extention and click on convert, after conversion you will get the download link


Onlineocr.net is a Optical recognition site and it has the ability to convert 46 languages files to other extensions like pdf, doc, jpeg, etc and it supports a maximum file size of 5MB, and the converted file won’t have any mistakes in the words or in the images and you will get direct download link after conversion, but no desktop software available as of now.


Convertpdftoword.org took only 1 min to convert a sample pdf to word, as this site only provides pdf to doc conversion and there is a trail software available in the site, you can simply convert the pdf file to doc in online and it requires email address, so it can send the converted file through mail.

These are the top 10 PDF to Word doc converter websites which can be done through software and online. These are the best pdf to word softwares which give good outputs.