Could Most Land Be Degraded?

Could Most Land Be Degraded?

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Owning a piece of land will give you a satisfying feeling that is like getting a casino 50 euro no deposit bonus. Besides, if you own a piece of land, you will get air, water, and shelter. However, did you know there is a higher risk that we could lose all these lands someday?

To tell you the truth, it could happen. According to scientists, we are losing 24 billion tons of healthy soil every year. Therefore, land degradation is a huge problem in the modern world. And we should take this situation seriously. Otherwise, in the future, there will not be any fertile soil around the globe. Having said that, in this post, we are going to talk about land degradation and its effects.

Reasons for Land Degradation

The grade of the soil can get reduced due to many reasons. Here are some of the major reasons for land degradation.

Use of Pesticides and Fertilizers

Even though fertilizers play a significant part in increasing food production, excessive use of fertilizers can harm the environment. Especially the fertilizer can impact the nutrients quantity of the soil. And this impact can severely affect vegetation. People use pesticides for various tasks, such as removing unwanted plants and insects. It is true that these pesticides are a huge part of the agricultural system. But excessive use of pesticides can lead to an imbalance ecosystem. Here is how that can happen.

For instance, when you use pesticides too much, the pests will become immune after some time. A new breed of pests will rise. On the other hand, pesticides might kill valuable species such as earthworms. To maintain the fertility of the soil, the system needs these earthworms.


To maintain the proper fertility of the soil, we need forests. For instance, forests shed their leaves that contain nutrients. These nutrients are excellent for soil. So, when we cut down the forests, this process will get disturbed. Eventually, it will lead to land degradation.


When the livestock population increases, it will lead to overexploitation of pastures. Because of this, vegetation such as grass might not survive or grow. We all know what happens if the vegetation gets reduced, it will cause soil erosion. Overgrazing is one of the key issues most countries face today. To reduce overgrazing, we should reduce the number of pastures. Otherwise, it could lead to disastrous outcomes.

Soil Erosion

Water and wind are the primary cause of soil erosion. In recent years soil erosion process got accelerated at an alarming rate. Any type of change in the chemical, physical, or biological characteristics of the soil can be called soil erosion. Besides, it will reduce the fertility of the soil.

Land Degradation, Is it Possible?

Yes, indeed. Land degradation is a real thing. Unfortunately, just like in the other environmental issues, people pay less attention to this issue. However, if we carry on at this rate, there won’t be any fertile soil available for our future generations.



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