How to Download Instagram Stories from Other People or Friends

Instagram Stories
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You will no longer have to take more screenshots to save the stories of your friends. You can download and save Instagram stories from other people with the help of this application.

The stories of Instagram have become one more method to tell the world what we are doing. Although they last only 24 hours, many already use them to share part of their day with the world, or with their friends. But the Stories are temporary, and in one day they will disappear.


You may be more interested in keeping Instagram stories on your device before they disappear from the Internet. And not only ours, also the ones we are seeing, those of the people we follow. Instagram does not allow it, but we can do it with a developer application.

Although Instagram does not allow it, you can download Instagram stories from other people. We explain how to do it with an application.

Download Instagram and direct stories with StorySave

This application, StorySave, allows us to download Instagram stories from the people we follow. We just have to log in with our Instagram account and that is it, we will have all those stories at our fingertips. And downloading them is as simple as clicking the download button.


Exploring the stories is as simple as sliding from one side to another. The application treats them as if they were standard videos and images, so we can repeat them all whenever we want. StorySave also serves to view stories, mark them as views without entering Instagram and classify them.


StorySave is available for free on Google Play. In return, we have a banner at the bottom that does not disappear at any moment, although we can eliminate the ads paying 3.09 € within the application.

This is how we can save Instagram stories of our friends and the people we follow. Awesome isn’t it? If you have already used this application, share your views on the same to our readers.

If you are facing any issues with the app or the procedure of downloading the stories of Instagram, let us know them through the comment section below. We will get back to you to solve all your questions as soon as possible.

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